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London Hypnotherapy to Overcome Anxiety



Anxiety is used to describe emotions such as fear , worry,  nervousness and stress. It is a debilitating condition that can have a significant impact on your life. General symptoms  include racing heart, palpitations, insomnia many other unpleasant symptoms. Anxiety is typically caused by a combination of different factors including childhood experiences, negative thought patterns such as imagining the worse will happen, as well as by prolonged daily stresses of life. Whatever the reason for your anxiety you can be reassured that your anxiety can be successfully treated with drug free methods which often are far more effective and without the side effects of medication.


Is anxiety having a detrimental effect on your life and stopping you doing the things you really want to do ?


Hypnotherapy is the answer


Are you suffering from Anxiety Symptoms


* Are you worried about what others think about you?

* Do you experience reoccurring  anxious thoughts ?

* Is your sleep disturbed when facing life’s challenges?

* Are you worried about the past or fearful about the future?

* Do you beat yourself up about what you said or did in the past?


There is a solution, Anxiety hypnosis

London Hypnotherapist, Alix Needham can HELP


The benefits of Anxiety Hypnotherapy will be

- Clearing painful memories that might be causing anxiety

- Becoming more positive, confident and self-assured

- Gaining the tools and techniques to prevent future re-occurrence

- Increase in confidence in dealing with previously fearful situations

- Feeling able to face life’s challenges in a resilient way



“I had a bout of anxiety which simply wouldn’t go away, so i asked Alix to help. I cannot believe the difference she has made in only a few sessions. Highly recommended.”

Maria Ducas


“I approached Alix after suffering Anxiety, a feeling which left me scared and confused. Alix’s sessions really helped and I managed to get my anxiety under control, which I think I would have struggled to do without Alix’s help. Thanks xxx”

Bethany Hardcross


About Alix Needham

Alix Needham is an advanced hypnotherapist based in London and is an expert in helping people overcome their anxiety issues. Using a unique blend of hypnotherapy techniques including NLP and EFT she will help you to reprogramme your mind and manage your anxiety in a more effective way, often in just 3 sessions. 


Break the anxiety cycle – Take Action Now


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