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10 Signs You Need Help With Stress

10 Signs You Need Help With Stress

A lot of us nowadays and have very busy schedules and juggle multiple responsibilities. Severe stress can negatively affect our emotional and physical wellbeing so it’s important to spot the signs early. Here are just a few.

Feeling overwhelmed – Have you taken on more responsibilities than you can deal with? Perhaps you’re starting to feel exasperated, frustrated and overwhelmed.

Aggression – Anger, aggression, restlessness and irritability can all be signs of stress. Has the way you interact with people changed lately? Are you finding that you’re losing your temper more easily?

Fatigue – If you suddenly feel too tired or unmotivated to do your usual activities this could be a sign of stress. Of course, fatigue can be a signal of many other factors, but if you’re otherwise healthy, and the symptoms coincide with other signals, it can be a warning sign.

Body pains & aches – If you have new aches or pains in your body that are unexplained by other issues, this could be an early warning sign of stress. Ask yourself whether they have come about at a particularly stressful time or alongside any other symptoms. Chest pains, headaches and upset stomachs are especially prevalent in stress.

Change in sleep – Perhaps you feel tired all the time but no amount of sleep seems to help? Or perhaps you’re unable to sleep and struggling with insomnia? Any significant changes in sleep patterns can indicate something else going on.

Changes in appetite – Similar to above, changes in behaviours that are usually quite deeply ingrained like eating and sleeping usually signify some kind of problem. If you’re suddenly feeling less or more hungry, or eating drastically different types of food, be aware of the possible link to stress.

Feeling apathetic – New feelings of disconnection or apathy are often linked with severe stress. Loss of interest in work or hobbies or disengagement with your normal activities are signs to look for.

Difficulty concentrating – If you’re struggling to maintain concentration at work or school or are struggling to remember things it could be related to stress.

Low self-esteem – Feeling increasingly bad about yourself as you struggle more and more to cope is not uncommon. Perhaps you’ve lost that energy and confidence you once had? Feelings of loneliness, worthlessness and depression may also be present.

Struggling relationships – When our behaviour changes, we’re sometimes the last people to notice. Have your friends or family been commenting on anything lately? Have you been struggling to communicate or bond with them or have you been having more arguments?

Relief From Stress

If you think you might be struggling with symptoms of stress why not get in touch and I can provide professional and friendly advice. I have helped many clients with a range of stress symptoms and I can help you too.

Contact me to find out more.

Alix Needham

My techniques guarantee that you remain in control at every session. These techniques, developed over 25 years, are so effective that many issues can be addressed in as little as three sessions and my location in the very heart of London means you can book sessions to work around work.

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