Life Coaching in London – Change Your Life & Be Happy

Could you be happier? Discover how Life Coaching in London with Alix Needham helps you achieve more and change your life for the better in only a few sessions.

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a process that helps people achieve their goals and unlock their potential. It helps you focus on what you want from life and work towards achieving it. This process of self-reflection, understanding and focus will empower you to make real and positive changes in your life, become happier and more fulfilled.

How does Life Coaching feel?

Life Coaching is a partnership with a professional who you can trust. It feels practical, proactive and empowering. It isn’t counselling and it isn’t therapy – a good coach will use their years’ of experience to help you gain clarity and set in motion real positive changes. Your coach can support you as you work through your chosen issues and move forward, as well as providing a valuable external perspective on your life.

By contemplating powerful questions, making plans and challenging our own beliefs we can find freedom from obstacles that may be holding us back. Coaching is non-directive, so a qualified coach won’t tell you what to do. Instead, they engage with you until you are able to help yourself. Coaching is self-empowering and reveals a lot about our true nature.

Why does Life Coaching work so well?

Life isn’t always easy and it’s rarely simple. Many people don’t know exactly what they want but we usually know when we are unhappy or feel unfulfilled. Life Coaching helps you realise your goals and take practical steps towards achieving them.

The beauty of Life Coaching is that a good coach will help you find the answers within yourself. You work through problems methodically and carefully with your coach until the answers become clear. It is these moments of clarity and the achievements that come from coaching that have made the technique so popular in modern practice.

What can Life Coaching do for me?

A professional coach can help you enhance almost any aspect of your life. Some popular areas to focus on include career progression, change of career direction, unhappiness at work, work/life balance, home life, money worries, social life, relationships, ambitions and well-being. There really aren’t any rules about what I can help you with as long as you are happy to discuss the topic openly.

What next?

I offer Life Coaching in London from my professional and friendly clinic. I am a fully qualified Life Coach with over 25 years’ experience and you can trust me to have your best interests at heart. Life Coaching can often yield results in just a few sessions so you don’t have to worry about making a huge commitment. My London clinic is also well situated to fit around you and your schedule.

I am happy to discuss Life Coaching further with you or to give a free, non-obligation consultation. If you think that you might be interested please do give me a call on 020 7935 1965, email me at or use my contact form here.