Over the past 25 years, Alix Needham has helped countless people achieve extraordinary results, professionally, personally, emotionally – in every aspect of life. Here is just a taste of what a few of them had to say.

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I have to admit to being slightly sceptical when my partner suggest couple counselling. But I have to say it has made a huge difference, to our relationship and things have improved immensely, thanks to Alix's help.

Alix really helped me with my anxiety and confidence issues. I feel after my sessions with her I am capable of dealing with what life throws at me on a daily basis and not feeling so scared of the future. I was suffering from digestive problems and these have also subsided greatly as I've conquered my anxiety.

I read about Alix on line and asked her to help my daughter, which she did. It made such a difference and we are so grateful. Thanks Alix.

I approached Alix after suffering Anxiety, a feeling which left me scared and confused. Alix's sessions really helped and I managed to get my anxiety under control, which I think I would have struggled to do without Alix's help. Thanks xxx

I contacted Alix after I lost my Mother. Alix helped me through my bereavement and I was able to come to terms with my feelings of loss. I found Alix to be sympathetic, very easy to talk to and a good listener. I would highly recommend Alix.

I decided to consult Alix having seen the remarkable result hypnosis had on a friend of mine; in his case smoking. I firmly believed my excessive drinking was due to lack of self-esteem, and the working environment I had grown up in. However, within a few sessions Alix convinced me of the social value of controlled drinking, as opposed to abstinence, which I feared was the only solution! I now value myself much more without the prop of too much alcohol. More importantly, I now value hypnosis as means of tackling social and addictive issues. I couldn't reassure enough those seeking help to pop along and see Alix!

I saw Alix after i realised how much of a problem my weekend binge drinking had become. Fortunately, she was able to help in only a few sessions. I cannot speak highly enough of Alix.

I came to Alix following a difficult period in my life knowing that I had a lot of unresolved issues from my past which I had supressed for years. Alix helped me to unlock these issues and the change has been unbelievable, I have a new job a stronger marriage but most of all I feel I have reconnected with my true self again. I highly recommend Alix.

I see my life in a very different way to before I met Alix. What she has done changed the way i see things, i used to believe that there were some elements of my personality and approach to life that i just had to grin and bear - things that i had to accept were part of me. Alix helped me to not only get rid of these elements, but i've also noticed that i am just enjoying life a lot more. I can't recommend her enough.

I went to see Alix after my divorce after 30 years of marriage. We had to sell the family home and I found myself alone and financially insecure. My children had left home and so I also found myself alone and without purpose. With Alix's help I got emotionally stronger, and able to overcome the bitterness and resentment. My husband left me for a young woman. Today I have a job I enjoy, after enrolling in a 2 year course. A lovely home and enjoying life more than ever before. I would urge people to seek professional help as I am sure without Alix's help I would not have achieved all that I have.

For anyone who has never had chronic fatigue it can look like it is not a real problem. But for anyone who suffers with it, it can be hell. Having tried numerous treatments which did nothing but raise my hopes and expectations, fortunately i found Alix Needham. She managed to do what no one else could. Alix, thanks!

Alix has really helped me deal with issues in my personal relationships and in my life. I feel more grounded, positive, open and happier as a result.

A very helpful and objective session with Alix , which she supplemented with an excellent book to assist me in dealing with my lifelong problems due to low self esteem.

I contacted Alix on suggestion of a colleague who had benefitted enormously with her own situation. I had been in a very long marriage that over more than 20 years had gone downhill as we no longer shared similar life aspirations. Our situation was made worse as my husband suffered from depression and lack of confidence. In a few sessions with Alix I was able to move forward from this dark and heavy past. Now I live a full and rich life, sharing times with the perfect partner.

Thank you for fitting me in and seeing me on Saturdays! Your help in the early days of the divorce was critical in getting me into "Survival Mode". As time went on your help was essential in getting me to where I am now - a much better, clearer place.

Stress at work I recently got promoted at work and went from being a confident person into feeling stressed, unable to cope with deadlines, and suffering from what seemed like stage fright when I had to give weekly presentations. I found the Stress Management Kit helped me enormously to overcome my fears. Thank you Alix Needham for putting together such an effective formula.

After missing another day at work due to a session with the lads, my wife gave me an ultimatum. Me or the bottle. I though I was in control of my drinking but after my wife arranged an appointment with Alix I realised the drink in was in control of me. Alix has helped me to take control of my life and health and bring my life back into sober focus again. She quite simply helped me tun myself around. 12 months I've just been promoted and am about to be a dotting dad to twins girls.

I, like many, refused to believe I had a drinking problem, unfortunately i realised too late, when the divorce papers came through. But it did give me the kick in the butt I needed to do something about it and with Alix's help i have made great progress.

What a great pleasure was to be guided by Alix on my journey of loving and respecting myself in every single way. I would highly recommend Alix.

I have had several sessions with Alix, and there is no doubt that it has made a difference in many ways. I would highly recommend Alix as a hypnotherapist and Life Coach.

Alix was recommended to me as I was having trouble growing my business. I am a reflexologist and while I was confident in my treatments and could see the benefits they brought people, I really struggled in promoting myself. In just two sessions Alix helped me understand why these blocks were there and gave me the confidence to overcome them. I can't thank her enough, it really has changed the way I communicate with new and existing clients.

Alix Needham was recommended to me by a friend. I was having a very difficult time with my father who needed to go into a care home. Our relationship started to deteriorate as I found it hard to cope with his selfishness. Alix helped me understand my anger and resentment towards my father. I learnt how to deal with him and not to instantly react to his demands. I couldn't have coped without Alix's help.

I visited Alix recently for help with blushing and must say her services were second to none Before discovering Alix, I was immersed in my problem on a daily basis; however after our 5th and final session, and unvealing and resolving far more than my initial problem, I felt very energised, extremely positive, and felt "free". I find Alix to be extremely professional, and she shows genuine interest and determination to ensure you overcome your problem. I was very pleased with the results of my therapy with Alix and would definitely recommend her services in the future.

I had tried everything, from patches, to gum through to acupuncture, nothing seemed to work. Luckily, a friend mentioned Alix Needham and how she had helped him, so i gave it a try and it was the best money i have ever spent. Been a non smoker now for over 2 years.

It is still difficult for me to understand how it was possible for me to change so quickly. Lifetime of fears, with only three sessions, disappeared. She made me confident to follow my dreams. I no longer run away from them. Thank You!

Alix helped me to improve my motivation significantly, to the point that i am now in the latter stages of starting my own business, which i would never would have done without Alix's help. The future looks bright.

I had a bad case of depression and didn\'t know what to do to lift myself out of it. A few sessions with Alix Needham, and I am a new person. Cannot thanks her enough.

I got offered a new job, which included speaking at seminars. I have to admit it terrified me, so I looked into how I could get over the fear. Contacted Alix after a friend recommended her, and I couldn't be happier. I now manage to speak in front of people, sometimes as many as 200, with a renewed confidence.

For my degree I've had to give various presentations and I was finding this extremely difficult. My mum found Alix and I've had a course of three sessions with her in the past two weeks. Alix is absolutely lovely, really friendly and welcoming and I felt relaxed around her very quickly. I've now managed to give a presentation and the anxiety was so much less than it was before and I can't thank her enough for helping with someone that before crippled me!

I only recently learned that I had a problem with blushing when it was pointed out to me by someone else. I then became aware of it and it started to creep in to my everyday life; for example dealing with people at work and in some social situations. As a result I became very anxious in these situations. I went to see Alix and we got to the root of the problem; something I would never have even considered to have been the cause of how I acted in this way. Over the 3 sessions my confidence was improved and I no longer felt as much anxiety in those situations as before.

I suffered from shyness and felt isolated . I would avoid going out, large social occasions and would turn down invitations. My shyness held me back in my job and I was beginning to feel depressed. I found Alix's website and gave her a call. She helped me to overcome my fears and understand my feelings and how my background had created my problems. I now feel much more confident and my social life has improved and I am enjoying my life so much more.

As an actress my blushing was really affecting my confidence in auditions. Alix helped me in a just 3 sessions to get over this issue and to grow enormously in confidence! I am so grateful for what she has done for me! It really is life changing and I saw a change immediately in how I felt. Highly recommended!

Cannot say enough good things about Alix. I have had bouts of insomnia for several years, yet after only a few sessions with Alix, I now sleep very well and wake up feeling refreshed and revitalised.

I was in such bad shape and you found the perfect tools for me. You should have seen me two days later. It was like another me. Amazing!!!

As a result of my consultations with Alix, I am now able to identify and work towards my personal and professional goals.

I went to see Alix at a very low point in my life where all the issues I had failed to deal with over the years were coalescing. I had unresolved issues with my parents, I had issues with commitment and compromise, I was attracted to the wrong men and I was a workaholic. Quite a challenge but with Alix's help we unravelled the complexity to a point where I now live a life that makes me content with expanded horizons, far greater resilience and changed personal relationships. I am so fortunate that I came across Alix and I owe her a huge debt of gratitude.

I have suffered from blushing right though school and college, I have also always been quite shy. When I started a new job that meant I would need to give presentations for my company , a friend of mine recommended I should go and see Alix. I felt comfortable right from the start. Her office is calm, clear and very relaxing. After my first session I felt energised and confident. After working with Alix for a few weeks, I hosted a conference for my new employer,and a couple of months later, was offered a promotion , partly based on the fact that that there was very positive feedback from the CEO who attended the conference I hosted ! She has made an enormously positive effect on my life. Thank you Alix !

I work in marketing, and although I was confident in about 95% of situations, if someone asked me to do a presentation, I felt like I was going to have a panic attack. I reached a point in my life where I was ready and able to do something about this. I saw Alix three times and went with preconceptions about what I thought would be wrong. It turned out that everything came back to being bullied when I was 7 years old. I'd never told anyone about it. Alix helped me to confront the situation, work through it and move on. The episode had affected every part of my life, my work, friendships and relationships. I'm so happy to say that it has changed my life, I felt an immediate change after the first session. I am now confident in all aspects of my life, and am enjoying myself instead of worrying. I wish I had done this years ago. I can't thank Alix enough, and I would highly recommend this service.

I went to see Alix when my marriage of 25 years broke down . She helped me to deal with my overwhelming feelings of anger, loss, betrayal and my own feelings of failure. Through her help and guidance I was able to turn my life around in a quite surprisingly short time. Alix has helped me develop the confidence to go out on dates and although this was very difficult at first. I have now met someone so very special and we are both enjoying fulfillment, joy and laughter that would have been unimaginable in my long marriage that was so unsatisfactory. Thank you Alix in helping me make changes and given me the confidence to start again and reach the stars.

Alix helped me find myself again and directed me to a new way of seeing things, she goes straight to your problems giving you the tools you need to live your life on a better way. Thanks Alix.

Since having three sessions with Alix I have noticed a marked improvement in my confidence with public speaking.  This has been by far the most helpful experience I have tried.  A truly positive and uplifting experience.

Went through a rather acrimonious and messy divorce which left me in tatters. Sought professional help in the form of Alix, who really helped me when i needed it most.

Following a change in my personal circumstances, I suffered anxiety during which time I felt physically paralysed to do anything with all the negativity that I felt. In the weeks following my meeting with Alix, there has been such a contrast, I can hardly believe the difference. I've been able to take control of the negative situation and turned it into something positive for me. There is no doubt in my mind, this shift has been entirely down to Alix's help.

I have to admit I was a little sceptical, but the life coaching sessions I have had with Alix Needham have really made a significant difference. I have a renewed vigour which was lacking for many years.

I met with Alix when I was at the end of my tether; experiencing daily and nighttime multiple panic attacks often culminating in being physically sick. Alix helped me get on top of the physical symptoms and address the underlying issues. She is easygoing, pragmatic and empowering. If you are struggling with panic attacks and are unsure if this is the answer I strongly recommend you give it a go.

A few years ago my parents divorced because they didn't love each other any more . I felt very upset and frustrated with them . This is where Alix helped me when i was feeling down ,she brought me over the struggles in my life Thank you Alix

My phobia was boats. I couldn't go near a boat without feeling sick, faint - it was awful. One session with Alix sorted it. I love them now. Thank you Alix.

My husband and I sought Alix's help after experiencing severe difficulties in our relationship. We had been together for some time and with Alix's help we have managed to turn a corner and now look forward to our life together.

I was feeling really depressed and unhappy about the problems I was having maintaining a long term relationship. I'd had a number of relationships but none seemed to work as I was unable to commit. I started seeing Alix and working with her I've been able to understand the issues that caused my lack of trust. I am now in a very happy long term relationship and all my old fears have finally disappeared.

I bought Alix tape and anger management tape 25+ yrs ago. I dont use the tape as much now but when im stressed i dig it out and it never fails to work. Alix is fantastic.

What can I say, but THANKS ALIX! I really didn't know what to expect but with her sympathetic and thoughtful approach, I have a new found confidence which is brilliant.

My relationship with my wife was getting to the point where we hardly spoke, which made the whole atmosphere in the house awful. For the kids sake we decided it was best to separate, but after 17 years, it was tough. Alix helped me get through the really tough times and I will be eternally grateful to her for her wise guidance.

I didn't know what to do, i was feeling really low, work, homelife all getting on top of me, and i simply tried to sweep it under the carpet and carry on. After a while I realised I had to do something, which is when I called Alix. She helped me in so many ways, I cannot thank her enough.

Having suffered with sleep problems for a while, it started to affect my work and home life so I decided to get some help. Alix was recommended to me by a friend and she has worked wonders, to the point I sleep better now than I have for years.

I found Alix very helpful and professional. I asked for a single session to motivate me to stop smoking, which worked wonders, so continued and after only 3 sessions i feel confident that I can continue to be a non smoker.

I have suffered from social anxiety disorder after I have been bullied at work(well this is what triggered my problems and made them really bad for me). I went in such a stage that I wasn`t able to function at all,I was afraid to stand up in ques, afraid to talk with people, afraid to go for an haircut, to travel by tube...I was just paralised and I thought there is no solution for me. I couldn`t go to therapy as I was afraid of everything...and this just because I was very very stressed at work and in my life in general. Anyways one day I have made courage and went to see this lady hypnotherapist and after 5 sessions I am now able to do all those stuff. I remember I was desperate in finding solutions and didn`t see anything to help me. I thought that this is it for me...I avoided pills which are not the solution in my opinion and didn`t want to go to psychotherapy as they will use behavioral one and din`t believe much in it. I still have some issues to solve, but I am so thankful that now I am normal again, I would tell everyone who suffers from social anxiety disorder, anxiety, low self esteem to come and see Alix Needham she is very good, very nice and that it is a way to solve your problems. I can tell you for sure. Thank you so much!!!!!

With Alix Needham, “Lifestyle Management” is a very accurate description of what she does best! What I thought was stress was in fact depression. I was about to throw away my whole career! Thanks to Alix, I have got out of my “rut.”

This review is taken from the Amazon website ( link at the bottom) I've always known that I am a Type A personality. I also had an inkling that I needed a little stress management. Who doesn't? What I didn't realize is how bad my stress level actually is or how it's affecting my body. As I read through The Stress Management Kit and did the exercises, I began seeing my stress in a whole different way. Some of the issues, primarily perfectionist attitudes and control issues, I knew were problems and have been trying to address. These were no great surprise. However, there are a whole bunch of other triggers such as work environment, workload, and interpersonal relations that I hadn't even considered. After all, I felt that these things were unchangeable and I just had to cope with them. The Stress Management Kit is an important tool. We all need to recognize how we are dealing with stress and what we can do to alleviate or manage our issues better. Given the effects upon our body, mind, and relationships this is something we can't afford to ignore or deal with when we have some time. Read the review here.

I approached Alix after finding myself in a rut. I simply could not find a way to motivate myself to achieve what i wanted to achieve. To her credit, Alix helped me to overcome the issues that were holding me back, and after only a couple of sessions, i am far more motivated, which has been noticed by my work colleagues.

Before meeting with Alix I felt so trapped by my own mind. And if I'm honest, was doubtful that anything - even hypnotherapy - would be able to break the cycle of negative thought that I found myself in. I cannot believe the change in my life, and mind, since coming to see her. I now feel that I'm in control of my mind, and I recognize anxiety as a natural emotion that we all have. I suffer infinitely less now, and even when I do feel anxious, it certainly doesn't paralyse me anymore. The result has been that I've felt a new confidence in all areas of my life - personal and professional - and have been able to make strides forward without feeling that my own mind is holding me back. For that I really cannot thank Alix enough.

I came to see Alix for confidence issues that were seriously hampering my career. After several very powerful sessions, I can truly say that my experience has been life-changing, and not just in my career! I have nothing but gratitude for Alix, and I highly recommend her work to anyone. Thank you so much (o;

I had a bout of anxiety which simply wouldn't go away, so i asked Alix to help. I cannot believe the difference she has made in only a few sessions. Highly recommended.

Having suffered with CFS for some time, it was a godsend to meet someone who could actually help. Alix helped me when others couldn't and enabled me to get my life back on track. I cannot speak highly enough of her.

I've seen Alix several times for confidence boosting and helping stop negative feedback. It's been really life changing and Alix has been a huge help. I feel much more 'at peace' now. I'll definitely be back again in the future too. Thansk Alix!

I had been plagued with fear of almost everything for most of my life. Phobias about spiders, cleaning, you name it i had it. I sought help when it began to affect the way I lived my life and my children. Thankfully Alix was able to help and after only a few sessions I felt like a weight had been lifted.

I have came to Alix after very painful divorce from during which I have lost my home, savings and developed some health problems. I felt really disappointed with myself for not taking care of myself as the warning signs were there for a long time.I felt complete failure, also outside I presented as happy and no care in the world girl. Alix helped me to work through all those issues including some childhood problems, I grew up with a dad , who had substance misuse issue. Alex also helped me to walk away from a new difficult relationship... Well I still have days when i struggle, but Alix guidance, professionalism and nurturing attitude has helped me to become more grounded , positive, integrated and confident person. Alix, thanks for all you fantastic work and support!

Just to say thank you again for seeing me. To be honest I'm still lost for words. Wednesday morning was one of the first that I've not woken with sheer panic and fear for the coming day. I am truly thankful for the influence you have already had on my day to day life. Kindest, Laura

Alix helped me to understand, why I attracted the wrong men. I had issues with my father and trust. Now I'm able to trust again - and more important - to compromise. And I'm in a stable an loving relationship.

Alix helped me to understand why I had been overeating, as a result I now have a balanced diet, have lost weight and have more self-esteem.

I went to see Alix Needham having tried and failed numerous diets. She helped me get to the root of the issues, increasing my confidence and willpower. I learnt how to change my habits and introduce new behaviours with pleasing results I have lost over a stone in weight and now have maintained a balanced lifestyle with her caring guidance.

Alix has quite simply got my life back into focus. Work stress caused me to start getting terrible panic attacks that were frightening to say the least. Alix has helped me in so many ways and thankfully the panic attacks are a thing of the past.

Working with Alix has been life changing. I had put up with a shy bladder for over seven years and the day after returning from another work trip where it had caused me great discomfort and anxiety I decided to give hypnotherapy a try. By tackling the root cause of the issue I was able to not only overcome my complaint but also become more confident in my approach to life and work in general. Thank you Alix, in such a short space of time you have made a world of difference!

My first panic attack left me terrified, thinking I was either losing my mind or my life! That was over 4 years ago. Last year I decided to do something about it and since then I have been under the guidance of Alix. I cannot put into words the difference she has made. Simply the best!

I had a blushing problem for years, and decided after a relationship broke up, to do something about it. I contacted Alix and within only 3 sessions,I felt so much better and the blushing was under control.