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Taking big steps with someone you can trust

Alix Needham – Hypnotherapy in London

Alix Needham has spent the last 25 years helping thousands of people achieve their goals and find happiness. With clients from all walks of life, Alix is uniquely placed to provide complete and lasting treatment for both simple and complex problems.

Based in Regent’s Park, Central London, Alix works alongside many doctors and psychiatrists from the local Harley Street area.

She is experienced in Advanced Hypnotherapy as well as Life Coaching and Couples Therapy.

From smoking and weight loss, to anxiety and confidence issues, no problem is too big or too small.

Together we will work to create a treatment plan that’s right for you to achieve the quickest possible results.

Why Hypnotherapy?

People have problems because it’s easy for the human mind to get stuck in the same routine or become trapped in unhelpful thought patterns. Hypnotherapy with Alix Needham can help break that cycle and set you free from negative thoughts or behaviours.

Fully recognised by the British Medical Association, hypnotherapy works because it gets down to the root of the problem and brings about change at a deep level. Even if you’ve tried other methods, hypnotherapy is completely unique in its approach and may well be the answer you’re looking for.

Lasting Results

There’s no lying on the couch or being “put under”. Take a seat in a comfortable chair and relax as you work together to resolve your problems as quickly as possible. On average, three sessions is all it takes but many issues can be solved in just one.

You’re In Control

Don’t worry about feeling vulnerable during treatment. Modern hypnotherapy is a completely safe and effective treatment that puts you in control. There’s no pressure or expectations, only change for the better.

Free Consultation

If you are interested in a complimentary consultation or would like to book an appointment then please email Alix on or call direct on 020 7935 1965. Alternatively, use the contact form here.

  • Over 25 years’ experience in professional practice
  • Hugely respected in her field
  • Accredited member of NCP, NCH and GHR
  • Full qualified teacher, counsellor, hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and couple and family therapist
  • Pioneer of Life Coaching in the UK
  • Uniquely placed to deal with a wide range of issues
  • Popular speaker and expert advisor in TV/press
  • Published author of ‘The Stress Management Kit’ book and stress audio series
  • Wide range of clients
  • Accessible treatment options, appointment times and location
  • Hands on approach that is safe, effective and fast
  • Honest, friendly and professional

What my clients say…

* “Very few people make a major impact on your life…… Alix is one of those that turned mine around! Without her, I would not be as successful as I am today nor conduct myself with the confidence she has given to me in believing in myself. Stellar rating!!” Frank

* “I would thoroughly recommend Alix. Providing a professional service, in a warm and welcoming environment. She puts you at ease which allows you to express your thoughts clearly and is great at pinpointing the exact nature of your …MoreI would thoroughly recommend Alix who provides a professional service, in a warm and welcoming environment. She puts you at ease which allows you to express your thoughts clearly and is great at pinpointing the exact nature of your problem. Her treatment has helped me to overcome my deep-rooted fears and to put my life back on track. I could not have overcome this without her help and I am truly grateful to the service she provides. “ Anna.

* “The person that brought me back to my old self after suffering severe stress; and a lack of self esteem after I had 2 heart attacks. Her gentle & caring treatment has extended both my professional & personal life. Alix is the best.” Jeff

* “A godsend. I was having serious issues with panic attacks to the point it was really starting to affect me and those around me. Fortunately I found Alix and after reading her reviews and testimonials I know she could help. II was right, she has really made a difference and I now feel in control and the panic attacks have thankfully subsided.” John

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