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Are You In Denial About Your Drinking?

Drinking problems are one of the most common issues that my clients seek help for. Alcohol misuse can be extremely bad for your health, damaging to relationships and put a strain on your professional and financial situations. Because our society sees drinking as an acceptable activity in moderation, it can sometimes be difficult to spot when your drinking becomes a problem rather than a pleasure. Many of us are in denial, finding it difficult to admit that we might need help.

Signs of a Drinking Problem

Here are some indicators that your drinking may have become a problem.

You have developed a strong tolerance

When you drink often, your body becomes used to containing a certain amount of alcohol and the effects are reduced. It will take more and more drinks for you to feel the ‘buzz’ you felt before which becomes worse and worse for your health and your wallet.

You have unexplained physical symptoms

Alcohol is a poison and does produce physical and emotional effects on your body. These include, but are not limited to, nausea, diarrhoea, depression, insomnia, fatigue and falls.

Your relationships are breaking down

You may feel like people are unfairly criticising your drinking or hassling you but when people express concern it’s usually for a good reason. If your relationships are becoming tense, damaged or strained it could be time to ask why.

Your work performance is suffering

Are you experiencing disciplinary action or reviews at work for lateness, sickness or inappropriate behaviour? Perhaps you’ve had an accident or have become more irritable or less presentable? You may have even experienced legal issues for things that have happened whilst you’ve been under the influence of alcohol.

Your background suggests you’re high risk

Whilst anyone can develop an alcohol problem if you have other mood disorders such as anxiety, depression or low self-esteem you could be more prone. Also, if you have family members with similar issues this can also raise your chances.

You drink daily and often alone

Advanced drink problems are usually evident but the fact that a person will drink almost daily, no longer requiring a special occasion or social gathering. They might become preoccupied with alcohol and making sure a supply is available.

You experience withdrawal

If you’re finding that you only feel good or even ‘normal’ when you’ve had a drink that is a big warning sign.

Overcome Drinking Denial

If any of these sound familiar or if you’d simply like to refocus your relationship with drink before it becomes a problem, I can help. Like so many other things it’s best to deal with this as early as possible. A few sessions now could drastically improve your relationship with alcohol and allow you to enjoy drinking safely and healthily again.

Contact me for more information.

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