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Confessions of an Alcoholic

Confessions of an Alcoholic

Are you looking to stop drinking? Is your relationship with alcohol spoiling your life? If so, you’re not alone . Here is the confession of an alcoholic

When Drinking I would be:

  1.  Spending a lot of money
  2.  Getting carried away and my judgement would fail me
  3.  Doing foolish things
  4. Damaging my physical wellbeing by drinking alcohol
  5. Ignoring my failing marriage
  6. Remaining numb
  7. Taking time off work
  8. Missing opportunities to advance my career
  9. Being unreliable
  10. Behaving in a dishonest way
  11. Treating people close to me badly
  12. I wouldn’t think clearly
  13. Getting paranoid
  14. Feeling depressed and wanting to cry
  15. Emotionally volatile
  16. Thinking in mind numbing loops
  17. Undermining my ability to commit to anything
  18. Not stopping because I thought I would get bored
  19. Fearing that reality was painful
  20. Thinking people would think I was dull

Functioning Alcoholic

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t stop because I was a functional alcoholic. Doing enough to convince myself I didn’t have a problem.  But slowly over time everything, turned. Because, more often than not, I drank

Initially, I was drinking just a glass or two one day. However, it soon became a bottle a day. Then later massive binges. Most days drinking just enough to self medicate.

And I would get carried away and not come home because home made me feel worse.

In addition, my children were noticing that most days I was drinking.

And it worried them – it slowly but surely had a hand in shaping their personalities.

I wasn’t listening to anyone. When people told me, I ignored them.

In Conclusion

It was only when that car crash happened  I woke up. Acknowledging that I’d slowly been drifting through an alcoholic, self-medicating haze. Moreover, becoming more aware that I was damaging people, my marriage, myself and my career. In short, deciding I was ready to stop. I had to stop.

It’s early days but already I’m feeling healthier, more optimistic with  more energy. I’m thinking with enthusiasm and inventiveness. Plus,  feeling more honest and less depressed. Although still scared and uncertain, I’m feeling more in charge. Furthermore, taking responsibility for my children. And I’m not sneaking around anymore.

Finally, I know what I have to do.

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Is alcohol becoming a problem for you?

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