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Effective Ways to Overcome A Drinking Problem

Alcohol problems are, at their worst, a severe addiction that can ruin lives. Like many similar problems, in reality, they operate on a spectrum and it’s possible to spot the problem early and step in to change destructive behaviours before they get out of control.

Is Your Drinking an Issue?

If you are honest with yourself you will know whether your drinking has become an issue for you or those around you. The first step towards combating the problem is deciding to make a change for the better.

I help many clients overcome drinking problems. Alcohol problems are often related to deeper issues, so tackling the underlying causes often relieves the need to drink all together.

Hypnotherapy for Drinking Problems

Hypnotherapy for alcohol problems puts you back in control of your behaviour around alcohol and helps you understand what led to the problem in the first place. This safe and effective treatment changes a person’s relationship with alcohol, allowing them to rediscover their confidence, renew relationships and live a healthier life.

When drinking becomes a real problem it’s often an all or nothing situation and many people prefer to quit altogether. If you feel like alcohol is a serious problem for you please do seek help.

Drinking Habits

Examine your drinking habits – many big drinkers operate under self-denial and never really take an objective look at their behaviour. Try looking at yourself through someone else’s eyes:

  • Do you often behave badly when you drink?
  • Do you always drink very quickly?
  • Do you drink only to get drunk?
  • Do you often lose track of what you’ve drunk?
  • Do you drink a lot more than the recommended amount? Do you drink almost every day?
  • Do you feel like you need to drink more and more for the same feeling?
  • Do you ever lose control?

Practical Tips for Drinking Less

However, if you simply want to cut down or reign in your drinking a little – perhaps for health or social reasons – here are a few practical tips to help you keep it under control.

Set yourself some ground rules

What do you really think is acceptable? Set yourself some limits about how much is healthy to drink and stick to them. Do your research to find out what experts recommend as a healthy amount. Set yourself alcohol free days, drink limits for a night out or try taking out only a set amount of money and leaving your cards at home. It can help to make this commitments public or use a commitment website to encourage you to keep your promises to yourself.

Be mindful

Stay aware of the amount you’re drinking. Research shows that when empty glasses or bottles are kept on the table we drink less because we are reminded how much we have already consumed. Keep a log of everything you have.

Be aware of what one drink actually looks like – some drinks are a lot stronger than others for example. Pay attention to your triggers and avoid them as much as possible. If you start to feel like you might be tempted to drink too much or lose control, try and remove yourself from the situation.

Slow down

Make each drink last, sip it instead of gulping, and try and savour each one more. You might want to have fewer, more expensive drinks rather than a large amount of cheaper drinks. Order smaller measures, use straws, and add ice. Order a water between each drink – not only does this slow down your drinking but it helps to prevent hangovers.

Distract yourself

If all of your plans and activities revolve around drinking it can be very hard to change these associations. Try finding some new hobbies or spending time with people who don’t drink. Try going out for more meals or new physical activities. When you find new things that give you pleasure you won’t need to rely on alcohol as much.

What Next?

If you find any of these tips too difficult or you want help to change destructive behaviours or get to the root of your alcohol problem please do give me a call. I have a long history of helping people change their relationship with alcohol and can give you back the power to manage your drinking safely and effectively.

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My techniques guarantee that you remain in control at every session. These techniques, developed over 25 years, are so effective that many issues can be addressed in as little as three sessions and my location in the very heart of London means you can book sessions to work around work.

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