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How to Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Many studies have shown that hypnotherapy is the most effective way to quit smoking. The results are long lasting and give you the best possible chance to quit for good. Often, even one session can make a huge difference. 

In today’s society smoking is seen as an anti-social behaviour. It doesn’t fit well into our lives anymore and can make us feel judged, isolated and worthless. Now we are aware of the devastating effects on our health, it’s not a habit that many of us really want to keep up. Quitting will save us money, make us healthier and make life easier – so why is it so difficult to quit?

Why is it so Hard to Quit Smoking?

The physical addictiveness of smoking can be dealt with by nicotine replacement therapy. There’s lots of products available now to help with this. But the reason why many people still struggle to quit, even with NRT, is that the addiction isn’t just physical. There are so many other reasons why people may have taken up, and continue to, smoke. Sometimes we don’t even know what those reasons are, at least not on a conscious level.

Why is Hypnotherapy Different?

There are a variety of well-documented methods and techniques that are utilised to try to give up smoking. However, apart from hypnotherapy, all require a lot of willpower.

In essence the majority of these methods work by masking the effects of the nicotine, or utilising nicotine replacement therapy, which has been shown to have a limited effect. This can include gums, mouth sprays and patches in addition to recent development of electronic cigarettes. All these methods replace the nicotine that an individual would receive from the cigarettes. This is rather than stopping the desire for nicotine in the first place.   

At the same time, there can be other things that smoking gives a person. A social occasion, a need for control, a moment alone, relaxation, rebellion – the possibilities are endless. But, if the physical addiction was the only thing to consider, smoking would be so much easier to stop.

Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation on the other hand goes to the root of the problem. As well as looking to remove the desire to smoke in the first place. This  technique is proving to be particularly effective and also extremely quick. As with anything, the skill of the hypnotherapist is very important which is why, when considering hypnotherapy to help give up smoking, the choice of hypnotherapist is important.  

Fully qualified advanced hypnotherapists are the most effective option, as they have a wealth of experience and in depth knowledge to call upon to help the individual to give up smoking and stay a non smoker.

If you’d like to learn more please do get in touch.

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Smoking Cessation

My techniques guarantee that you remain in control at every session. These techniques, developed over 25 years, are so effective that many issues can be addressed in as little as three sessions and my location in the very heart of London means you can book sessions to work around work.

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