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Is My Drinking A Problem?


Drinking problems are common in today’s society. Are you looking for drinking problem help? Many people are asking me questions such as …is my drinking a problem? Am I an alcoholic or not? However, the spectrum of drinking behaviour is not black or white. Moreover, alcohol addiction is a destructive force leading to a number of problems including relationship breakdown, stress and depression.

Signs of a drinking problem may go unnoticed at first. However, many signals highlight that alcohol has become unhealthy. It’s important to recognise when drinking become a problem for you and those around you. Being truthful with yourself involves getting help and support.

Tolerance for Alcohol

Do you find that you need to drink more for the alcohol to have the same effect? This is because the body builds up a tolerance. In time, alcohol stopping having the same benefits it once had. You are then left dealing with your issues (unhappiness/stress/shyness etc.) alone. And when this becomes too much, you drink more in an attempt to recover what was lost. The unfortunate truth is that whilst it may feel like one or two drinks provide short term relief. In the long term this quick fix is making matters worse.

Drink Related Health Problems

Experiencing any kind of health problem due to drink means your habit has become a problem. These may include sickness, insomnia, sweating, stomach upsets. As well as depression and anxiety. These symptoms leading onto more serious illnesses such as heart disease further down the line.

Changes in Behaviour/Mood

Are you finding yourself in trouble at work or with the law? Perhaps  feeling anxious or unhappy. In addition, engaging in uncharacteristic high risk behaviour. Alcohol can drastically alter your mood and behaviour. As a result you be may regretting the consequences, Especially if you start feeling out of control, aggressive or suffering from memory loss.

Drink Reliance

Do you find you’re relying on drinking so you can’t go without? Drinking becomes a problem when you feel unable to cope without it. Drinking should be a fun and optional activity.

Relationship Breakdown

Often the most noticeable sign that your drinking has become a problem is other people telling you so. Have your friends or family commented on your drinking .Or your moods and behaviours? Are you feeling isolated ? Perhaps struggling to maintain relationships? If so, then drinking has become a problem

Other people may not be understanding what alcohol has become to you. The fact that you’re struggling to cope. So why not talk to an experienced professional who can help?

What Next?

Alcohol issues are usually symptoms of other problems. Are you turning to  drink as a form of relief?

Perhaps you’re dealing with a trauma or repressing memories that you find hard to face when sober. Maybe you have social anxiety and turning to alcohol for confidence. Whatever’s behind your drinking, hypnotherapy is the best way to discover the truth.

If you’re looking for drinking problem help ? If so please do get in touch to learn more. Start creating a healthier relationship with alcohol, yourself and others.

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My techniques guarantee that you remain in control at every session. These techniques, developed over 25 years, are so effective that many issues can be addressed in as little as three sessions and my location in the very heart of London means you can book sessions to work around work.

is my drinking a problem?
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