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What’s Causing Your Drinking Problem?

What’s causing your drinking problem? If you’re looking for answers read on.

Alcoholism and drinking problems have no single cause. Instead drinking too excess is likely to be symptomatic of many factors. However, tackling the cause will help reducing your desire to drink.

Common Causes of Drinking Problems.


Firstly prolonged stress causes a huge strain. Are you feeling pressurised by your job or having difficulties in your family? Maybe this is causing you to drink too much? Alcohol seemingly relieving your stress but the effects soon wearing off.

Finding ways of managing stress is the best way of resolving your alcohol problem.


Secondly have you experienced a trauma such as death of a loved one or someone close to you? Perhaps suffering from the effects of losing your job. These factors often linked to alcohol abuse. Moreover asking yourself is alcohol making you feel temporarily ‘happy’. Or simply helping you to forget.

Unfortunately drinking often making matters worse. And avoidance failing to provide a long term solution.


Depression because of it’s nature causing some people to drink too excess. For some alcohol temporarily numbing their symptoms. But although, masking their problem it doesn’t provide an effective solution.

Are you turning to alcohol to overcome feelings of desperation, misery or emptiness . If so please seek help for a better solution.

Social Anxiety

In addition are you drinking before a night out? Or suffering from social anxiety? Is drinking providing the extra courage you need to socialise ?


Finally are you lacking confidence? Are you turning to alcohol to help you feel happier?  Nevertheless drinking having the opposite effect once you sober up? In short are you making yourself weak and vulnerable by drinking too much?

Social anxiety is much better treated with advanced hypnotherapy for building true confidence and releasing fear.

Next Steps

These are just a few of the issues that maybe causing your drinking problem. If you would like help with alcohol issues please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Discover a safe, permanent and effective solution.

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alcohol dependency and drink problems can be like a chain round your neck
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