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6 Social Anxiety Symptoms & Signs

How To Recognise Social Anxiety

Social anxiety disorder is a condition that’s sometimes hard to identify. Are you worried about social interaction? If so, be aware of these social anxiety symptoms: Social anxiety is an intense fear of being judged by others in public situations. It often causes people to avoid social interactions altogether.

Anxious and Fearful About Going Out in Public

Worried about new social situations? If your fear is extreme then you’re probably suffering from social anxiety. If you find yourself feeling anxious before going out into the world, chances are you suffer from social anxiety disorder. This type of anxiety is common among teens and young adults. However, it can also affect older individuals who struggle with shyness.

You Worry About What People Think of You

Are you self-conscious around others preventing you from speaking? In addition, scared you’ll embarrass yourself. Or be rejected in some way.

Do you feel you have nothing to contribute? Even when conversation is on a subject you know about. Moreover, are you obsessing over people not liking you. Or judging you?

If you suffer from social anxiety, you might find yourself worrying about what other people think about you. You might even worry about whether or not you’re doing something wrong. This type of thinking can lead to negative thoughts about yourself. These negative thoughts can make you feel anxious and uncomfortable.

You Avoid Certain Situations Because They Make You Uncomfortable

Those with social anxiety often go out of their way to avoid social situations. In addition, avoiding people and places that make them feel uncomfortable. Sometimes cancelling plans at the last minute because anxiety is too strong.

Social anxiety is characterized by feelings of fear, nervousness, and self-consciousness when interacting with others. It often leads people to avoid social interactions altogether. People with social anxiety tend to feel embarrassed, ashamed, and worried about what other people think of them. They may also worry about how they will perform during these interactions.

You Have Trouble Making Friends or Maintaining Relationships

People with social anxiety often avoid situations where people might typically make friends which limits opportunities to meet people, Also if they need more down time or alone time it can be hard to maintain friendships. They may not feel comfortable spending time out in busy venues or meeting friends of friends. 

If you feel anxious when meeting new people, you might be suffering from social anxiety. This type of anxiety is different than shyness, which is more focused on avoiding negative attention. Social anxiety is characterized by intense fear and discomfort in social situations.

You Excessively Plan or Fixate

It’s natural to worry a little about some social events. But are you worrying  in advance? As well as planning how to avoid it? This indicates social anxiety. It’s especially true if the worrying affects your health causing digestive problems or even sleep problems.

You Experience Related Physical Issues

Do you suffer from physical symptoms when in uncomfortable situations? Blushing, shortness of breath, nausea, trembling sweating and numbness can all be indicators.

Seek Help if you have Social Anxiety Symptoms

Social anxiety is a painful condition preventing people enjoying life. I can help you overcome social anxiety using hypnotherapy. This safe, effective treatment brings remarkable results. In short, giving people a new found freedom.

Get in touch today to discover how I can help.

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