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Fear of Flying

Fear of flying is an extremely common phobia that many suffer with. Unfortunately with the advent of package holidays to far-flung destinations the services of an aircraft is required as a means of traveling to a particular country, as the…

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Exam Stress

There is no doubt in today's society the pressure placed on individuals to achieve success by virtue of education and relevant qualifications has grown immeasurably. Testing and examinations at school often starting with children as young as five years of age. The ever changing job…

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How to quit smoking

There is no doubt that smoking has become almost antisocial behaviour. Apart from obvious detrimental health issues caused by smoking, which are well documented, the fact is that smokers are now in the minority and often frowned upon by non…

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Long distance relationships

Long distance relationships are becoming increasingly popular. This may well be for a variety of reasons whether this relates to work, educational or simply due to the prevalence of social media and the ability to converse with individuals in different…

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