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Dealing With Stress

Do’s Do take action. Anxious worrying will not solve your problems, so do something positive. Do watch what you think and say. Negative words and phrases can hold you back and make you depressed. Think positive. Do be assertive. Say…

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Reinforce Self Confidence

Boost your self-image by learning how to recognize the times when you perform well. When you do, give yourself a pat on the back – chances are nobody else will. Praise others. Instead of focusing on people fault’s remember to…

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Confident Communication

The DESC technique. This is useful technique for dealing with difficult situations and enabling you to become more adept in expressing yourself confidently. DESC means Describe, Express Specify and Consequences. The techniques is most effective when combined with ‘I’ statements…

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Build Self Confidence

Confidence is all about knowing your own capabilities. You can improve how you feel about yourself by building a positive memory bank. Think about all of the times you have performed well and felt proud of your achievements.  How to…

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Overcoming Panic Attacks

Your thoughts can cause or cure your panic attacks. Thoughts are powerful things. There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so. Hamlet You can choose to have a good thought about something or a bad thought. But…

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