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Hypnotherapy for Confidence – Case Study

Read Jayne’s account of how hypnotherapy for confidence helped her. Thanks to Jayne for sharing her confidence hypnotherapy success story.

Jayne – age 45

* Looking back I suppose I had always been lacking in confidence. My family always called me a shrinking violet. This pretty much described the way I used to be. How I acted in certain scenarios. Although to many outside of my family circle I carried myself in a confident manner, whenever occasions arose that required me to speak out or try something new I always reverted back into myself. I would turn down the opportunity. What I struggled to understand was why I was like this when my sister had buckets of confidence? To all intents and purposes, I exuded confidence in certain situations, such as when involved in theatre productions with my local amateur dramatics group. When on stage it was almost as if I became someone else, yet when off stage I simply lacked confidence in almost every situation.

After years of struggling with my confidence, I decided it would be good to see if I could get some help. I looked through various online resources and decided to try hypnotherapy. That was when I hooked up with Alix Needham. To say she has given me a new lease of life would be an understatement. I feel completely different, more outgoing and everyone has noticed the positive change. Alix has really made a difference to my life and I cannot thank her enough.

Alix’s comments on improving confidence with hypnotherapy

Jayne had suffered from a lack of confidence throughout her life and during our sessions together we found out why. Jayne had a sister Karen who was two years older than her. She was very attractive, intelligent and loved being the centre of attention and her parents encouraged this behaviour. Karen was always putting Jayne down and ridiculing her whenever she spoke up within the family environment. Jayne lived in Karen’s shadow and felt nothing she could do would outshine her sister and so she gave up trying to get approval from her parents.

Over time Jayne was able to recognise her own skills and abilities and her self esteem improved. The skills she had when she performed in theatre productions was transferred into everyday life and her self confidence has come on in leaps and bounds.

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Alix Needham Techniques

Alix Needham

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