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Hypnotherapy for Depression – Case Study

Read Emmy’s account of how hypnotherapy for depression helped her. Thanks to Emmy for sharing her depression hypnotherapy success story.

Emmy – Admin Assistant – age 31

* To the outside world it looked like I had it all, a great job, loving husband and two lovely children, but for some reason I still felt unhappy. I put it down to a number of things, possibly stress of work, reaching 30 or several other things. No matter what I did I still felt down and depressed and the problem was that it was starting to affect all aspects of my life. My job was suffering, my family life was also starting to fall apart as I had little time or desire to do anything with the children. It was on a family holiday whilst we were all supposed to be enjoying ourselves, that my depression came to a head, I felt worse than ever, to the point where I just didn’t want to get out of bed in the mornings.

My husband Dan, sat me down and suggested that I get professional help, as I really didn’t want to go down the route of taking tablets, as I’d heard so many horror stories about the side-effects. We discussed various options, with hypnotherapy being one which both of us had heard had worked for other people. When we flew back to the UK, the first thing I did was contact a local hypnotherapist, Alix. Our first session together really gave me hope for the future, and after only a few sessions, I could not believe how differently I felt. I have got my life back thanks to Alix, I feel so much happier now and I’m enjoying life once again. I cannot thank Alix enough.

Alix’s Comments on Depression Therapy

Depression is a complex problem. Emmy’s unwillingness to go down the prescribed medicine route was perfectly understandable and one that I am seeing more frequently, due to the side effects of the drugs often prescribed. With Emmy, we reviewed many aspects of her life including her childhood.

It became clear during the consultations that there were several losses that she had never had the opportunity to grieve, including the death of her father when she was only four years of age. Unresolved grief from the past was impacting on her enjoyment of life. Utilizing a variety of techniques including NLP, EFT and hypnotherapy I was able to help Emmy reassess the hurts she had experienced in her childhood and reengage with the present. As a result she was able to make subtle but important changes which helped significantly to improve her mood and lift the depression.

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Alix Needham Techniques

Alix Needham

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