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Therapy for Shyness – Case Study

Read Jean Paul’s account of how shyness therapy helped him. Thanks for sharing this shyness hypnotherapy success story.

Jean Paul Tang – Civil Service – age 24

* My shyness was holding me back in all areas of my life and I felt lonely and isolated with very few friends. I was 24, half French and half Vietnamese. At school I looked very different from my classmates as I was always very slim and short by comparison to others. I was bullied and teased many times by the kids in my class both physically and verbally. As a result, I learnt early on in my life to keep quiet so as not to be noticed and this made it harder for me to fit in and make friends. At school I found it hard to apply myself as I was always anxious and at work I find it difficult to concentrate and focus so it takes me ages to get projects finished on time. My manager is often critical of me and this makes me go into my shell and I feel depressed and a failure.

My mother suggested I see someone for help. I’ve always looked to my parents for guidance so I followed their advice. I just couldn’t seem to take the initiative on my own.

My sessions with Alix have helped me a great deal. She has helped me to believe in myself and value my uniqueness and the things that I’m good at. I’m now much more relaxed and at ease in my own skin and when dealing with people. I’m no longer afraid to stand up for myself and there is less negative chatter in my head. My dependency on my parents has decreased. In fact, I realised that by doing what my parents wanted all of the time, instead of trusting my own judgement, I was sacrificing my power and this had kept me feeling weak and inadequate in the past. My shyness has almost disappeared now and I’m now going out regularly with friends and making more effort at work. My boss is pleased with my performance and has commented on my improvement.

Alix’s Comments on Hypnotherapy for Shyness

Jean Paul was very withdrawn when he came to have therapy for shyness. He talked very quietly and hesitantly about his problems. He was worried about losing his job because his anxieties were preventing him from concentrating at work. His shyness and inability to connect with people was causing him to put his life on hold but he was desperate to resolve his issues so that he could relax and have a normal life.

Hypnotherapy helped Jean Paul understand why he felt so embarrassed in social situations and why he wanted to hide away. He was able to acknowledge his younger self who had been bullied and felt a victim. He was able to visualise standing up to the bullies and discovered more effective ways of dealing with conflict and other challenging situations. Emotional Freedom Technique helped him to let go of his negative self image and to value and support himself. Gradually his self confidence improved and he was able to come out of his protective shell. Over the course of three sessions Jean Paul’s shyness decreased and his ability to concentrate improved. He is now much happier and confident in social situations and performing more effectively at work as he is no longer feeling anxious.

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shyness therapy can help you come out of your shell

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