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The Real Difference Between Low Mood And Depression

What’s the real difference between low mood and depression? As a therapist, I’m often asked this question and I see many differences between the two. Although, both conditions benefit from hypnotherapy treatment for depression.

Often someone with low mood is facing specific issues. Perhaps losing a job or a dealing with divorce. In these cases, grief and sadness may be causing low mood. As well as  low self esteem and self-motivation.

Depression is different. Very often there is no specific cause. Moreover, sufferers are often successful people  experiencing a dark, internal struggle in private. Very often symptoms are unrelated to the outside world or a person’s circumstances.

Symptoms of Depression

Low mood is symptomatic of depression. People often feel depressed for long periods without relief. Furthermore, experiencing sadness, anxiety and worry. As well as low self-esteem, frustration and anger.

Differences between low mood and depression

It’s true to say that depression symptoms go beyond the above. Clients describe a sense of emptiness. In addition, feeling hopeless rather than sad. ‘Sadness’ implies a connection with the world which is often missing when suffering with depression.

In short depression can be a serious, long-lasting problem. Unfortunately, it may worsen without treatment.

Hypnotherapy for Depression and Low Mood

In conclusion, are you struggling with low mood or depression? If so, hypnotherapy can help.

Having successfully worked with clients using advanced hypnotherapy, I know results can be achieved in a short period of time.

If you or someone you know would benefit please do get in touch for a free no-obligation consultation.

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difference between low mood and depression
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