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How to Overcome Embarrassment

Embarrassment is a feeling we’re all familiar with and it plays an important social role. Embarrassment alerts us to the fact that we may have done something socially unacceptable. Showing our embarrassment about a situation often makes us appear endearing, more genuine and sincere.

Sometimes it’s almost unbearable as we pray that the ground will swallow us up and we struggle hopelessly to recover our composure. Those of us prone to blushing start to feel that familiar rush of heat as our faces turn red and prolong our embarrassment.

Here are a few tips to help you deal with your next faux pas!

Tips to deal with embarrassment

  • Drink a glass of water – this forces you to slow down and relax
  • Stop what you’re doing – sometimes trying desperately to continue with the task just escalates the situation
  • Don’t blame yourself – remember it happens to everyone
  • Laugh at yourself – it’s better than getting upset
  • Apologise if appropriate – but don’t draw it out, people will soon forget

Tips to deal with blushing

  • Relax your muscles, let go of tensions, breathe deeply and smile
  • Try not to fixate on it – it’s not as bad as it seems
  • Consider calling attention to it – this relieves your tension wondering if people will notice
  • Distract yourself if possible
  • Don’t feel responsible – it’s involuntary
  • Realise that many people may not notice
  • Try not to care about blushing

Struggling with Blushing

There are some of us who are more susceptible to feelings of embarrassment than others and who often experience them when there is no rational reason to do so. These people can struggle to face situations that they fear may trigger social anxiety and display their embarrassment outwardly through severe blushing. This becomes a vicious cycle where blushing, or the fear of blushing, actually becomes the cause of the embarrassment rather than the symptom. Some people even develop a phobia of blushing called erythrophobia that can be relieved using hypnotherapy for phobias.

Overcome Embarrassment

If this sounds like you it’s likely that you’re struggling more than most with these emotions and you’ll need to reset your thinking to overcome this. If you can’t get an embarrassing situation out of your head try and distance yourself from the situation – think about whether you would judge someone else so harshly if the same happened to them.

Focus on the present and rehearse relaxation and calming thought exercises. Dwelling on an embarrassing situation can trigger your blush response which can then cause further embarrassment. Realise that it’s often your own perception of events that trigger the symptoms. It may help to talk to someone for a more neutral and rational perspective.

Hypnotherapy Treatment

If these tips don’t work for you it could be that your conditioning is very deep set. I can help you explore your response to embarrassment and change your perception of triggering events through hypnotherapy.

My treatments overcome social anxiety and symptoms such as blushing and empower you to handle embarrassing events in your everyday life.

Hypnotherapy will change the way you think, perceive, and feel about embarrassment and blushing. It is these powerful changes that will allow you to control your emotions and find freedom from blushing.

Please do contact me for more information on blushing and embarrassment or click here to learn more about hypnotherapy and how it works.

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My techniques guarantee that you remain in control at every session. These techniques, developed over 25 years, are so effective that many issues can be addressed in as little as three sessions and my location in the very heart of London means you can book sessions to work around work.

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