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Divorce Counselling

counselling for divorceDivorce Counselling is there for couples in their time of need. Divorce is one of the most difficult life events you’ll ever have to face but you don’t need to do it alone. The ending of a relationship, especially if children are involved, can bring enormous stress, as well as other difficult emotions such as guilt, anger and depression.

Although support from family and friends can be helpful, there comes a time when the pain and anguish is too great and professional help is needed.

Are you are going through a divorce or separation? Perhaps you’re finding it hard dealing with the feelings of grief and loss? If so, divorce counselling with Alix Needham could be the solution.

Are you experiencing any of the following emotions?

  • Having outbursts of anger and wanting revenge
  • Feeling emotionally overwhelmed unable to eat or sleep
  • Using drink or drugs to cope with the pain and loss
  • Running  scenes in your mind of how it could have been different
  • Feeling depressed and just going through the motions of life
  • Having difficulty with your work or establishing a new social life
  • Experiencing a loss of identity and purpose in life
  • Struggling with low self worth and loss of self esteem

Divorce Counselling offers a natural and safe method of coping with divorce and separation.

Divorce counselling will help you…

  • Create new positive routines for yourself
  • Gain an ability to overcome  separation anxiety
  • Understand your role in the break up
  • Deal with your emotions
  • Move forward and  rebuild your life

Your Next Steps

Read a case study about divorce and separation.

Divorce counselling testimonial

* “My relationship with my wife was getting to the point where we hardly spoke, which made the whole atmosphere in the house awful. For the kids sake we decided it was best to separate, but after 17 years, it was tough. Alix helped me get through the really tough times and I will be eternally grateful to her for her wise guidance.”

Keith J

Download my divorce/separation self help sheet

Are you ready to get help with divorce counselling?

Alix is an advanced clinical hypnotherapist based in London. She has helped many thousands of people recover from relationship break up. Using her unique blend of divorce support techniques she will help you get your life back on track as quickly as possible.

Contact Alix today to learn more.

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