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Drinking Problem Hypnotherapy

Alcohol Problems are becoming more and more common. With the stresses and strains in daily life, it is very easy to abuse alcohol as a means of escape. A social drink can quickly turn to a ‘help me’ drink and an alcohol / drinking problem. Binge-drinking is also becoming an increasing problem for many people.

There is no doubt that alcohol is powerful, addictive and creates a (temporary) sense of euphoria. However, if you are using alcohol in the wrong way, the consequences can be catastrophic. Abusing alcohol causes physical, social and emotional problems including difficulties with relationships, finances and more. Apart from the obvious damage being done to your body, alcohol tends to impact on those around the person who drinks too much.

Do You Have a Drink Problem?

  • Is your drinking having an effect on other people?
  • Is it hard to imagine life without alcohol?
  • Do you find it difficult to have just one drink and then stop?
  • Are your drinking habits becoming out of control?
  • Are you spending too much money on alcohol
  • Do you regret how much alcohol you consumed the night before ?
  • Are you denying that you have a drink problem ?

Do you want to know how to cut down on alcohol? Drinking problems can be treated with hypnotherapy from London based clinical hypnotherapist Alix Needham.

The Benefits of Hypnotherapy for Alcohol Problems are:

  • Feeling able to control or stop your alcohol drinking
  • Enjoying life without depending on alcohol for support
  • Understanding how stress and sadness has caused your drink problem
  • Feeling greater confidence and self worth without alcohol
  • Increasing clarity and thought processes without alcohol
  • Ability to reconnect emotionally with family and friends
  • Regaining  control over all aspects of your life

Your Next Steps

If you are suffering from alcohol related issues, and would like some help with alcohol problems then expert help is at hand from Alix Needham an Advanced Hypnotherapist in London. She has spent over 25 years helping people like you to overcome their drinking issues and give them back the power to manage their drinking. If you want to know how to stop binge drinking, then Alix’s unique blend of advanced hypnotherapy skills will help you gain relief from all problems associated with alcohol.

Read my case study on alcohol treatment.

Alcohol treatment testimonial

* I, like many, refused to believe I had a drinking problem, unfortunately i realised too late, when the divorce papers came through. But it did give me the kick in the butt I needed to do something about it and with Alix’s help i have made great progress.


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