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Overcome a Fear of Changing Jobs

Changing jobs can be a daunting experience for some. However, finding ways to overcome this fear will allow you to move forward more easily.

A phobia of change creates  anxiety, If you’re experiencing stress because of career change, coaching and hypnotherapy can be helpful.

Fear of the unknown

Do you feel more secure remaining in bad situations rather than risking the unknown? If so, this strategy is preventing you reaching your full potential. Furthermore, risks are necessary for happiness. Next? Its true to say that successful business people have a common trait ie the ability to deal with fear.


Are you settling for a comfortable job ? Although this creates feelings of safety, are you under challenged. Ask yourself, is your current situation is really making you happy?

Fear of inadequacy

Inadequacy may also be causing you to hold back from making a move . Are you feeling unsure about your abilities in a new role? You wouldn’t be seriously considering the move if you weren’t able. Moreover, you don’t have to know absolutely everything before you start.

Anxious about loss of pride/status

Is your anxiety about starting at the bottom again? Or losing the respect you’ve built up in your previously. Conversely, some people fear they will not be able to maintain their success in a new role.

Changing fear into excitement

Fear and excitement actually have many of the same physical symptoms. Chances are you’re excited about the prospect of a change as well as feeling nervous. Usefully, training the mind to interpret these feelings as positive, can be achieved through hypnotherapy.

Treating fear as an ally

In addition, there are positives to being fearful. Because fear let’s us know we are alive. Furthermore, turning fear into an ally is keeping us sharp.In short, improving confidence by harness fear and taking on new challenges.

Taking a step back

Ask yourself is the risk was worth the reward? What will you be gaining in a new work situation ? By understanding why you’re afraid. As well as breaking fears down into small steps, you’re courage will begin improving

Embracing positivity

Hypnotherapy is useful for clients wanting to embrace change. In conclusion, hypnosis is well placed to make changing jobs a positive experience.

Learn More

If you’d like to learn more about hypnotherapy and how the process could help you. Please do get in touch.

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Overcome a Fear of Changing Jobs
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