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How To Be A Happier Person

How to be a happier person. It’s not a simple goal. And the journey is as important as the destination. There’s no such thing as perfection, but the happiest people learn to find joy in the here and now. As well as striving for improvements. Happy people are generally healthier, more confident and less prone to stress and anxiety. Most studies revealing that happiness has little to do with money or possessions. So what is the answer?

Develop Healthy Thought Patterns

Happy people tend to take the time and energy to develop healthy and positive thought patterns. They may practise mindfulness, being aware in the moment of any negative or damaging thoughts that might creep in. They may meditate to stay in tune with their mind and body and they probably focus on experiences rather than material gain.

Take Time To Appreciate The Little Things

There are little things that happen each day they many of us won’t even notice. A pretty sunset, a smile from a stranger or a song on the radio for example. Happy people will take the time out from their day to stop and appreciate these things. They will draw energy and positivity from small moments each day.

Foster Positivity

Even negative or harsh experiences can have a positive side. Many can be taken as learning opportunities or even in times of sadness, many of us find humour or comfort in friends and family. Even when times are hard, try to refocus on the positive. This doesn’t mean ignoring your emotions, as it is important to deal with sadness, grief and anger. Give them their due time and then try and move on.


Fostering gratitude in your everyday life is consistently shown to improve happiness. Try to avoid approaching situations as if you ‘deserve’ anything and instead be grateful for everything you have. Share your gratitude with others – a kind word goes a long way. Let all the good and positive experiences sink in and revisit them often.

Live In Line With Your Core Values

One of the main causes of unhappiness tends to be living in a way that clashes with your core values or beliefs. Focus on what’s important to you and work every day towards contributing to these. Strive for the best version of yourself by setting goals that mean something to you – don’t let others unduly influence your path.


Happy people tend to be compassionate, both towards themselves and others. Take time out for yourself and think kind thoughts. How many of us consistently tell ourselves we are useless, stupid or ugly? Treat yourself, your family and your friends well and help others whenever you can. One of the most reliable paths to happiness is to focus on improving the happiness of others.

Heal and Forgive

If someone has wronged you in the past, forgiving them and letting go of resentment will make you happier than holding on to it. It’s not always easy to do, but processing negative emotions or traumas can be a freeing experience.

Ask for Help

Happy people tend to prioritise their own well-being over material gain and spend time working on themselves. They are also open to giving and receiving help from others. If you’d like to learn more about how coaching or hypnotherapy can help you become a happier person please do get in touch.

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how to be a happier person
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