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Can Hypnotherapy Make You Happier?

Can Hypnotherapy Make you Happier?

I often get asked whether hypnotherapy can make people happier. The answer is nearly always yes. But first it helps to take a look at the reasons why you don’t feel happy at the moment. It’s not necessarily that we feel depressed, many of us just feel lost, unfulfilled or unmotivated. The stresses and strains of everyday life can prevent us from taking the time to figure out what we really need to be happy.

There are different types of happiness. Happiness is often linked to material gains or other life events. Positive events may make us happier but the results are often short term. Many people who experience some kind of good fortune state they’ve never been happier, only to very quickly return to their baseline happiness levels. This can lead to them feeling empty and having to strive for bigger and bigger wins for the same reward.

On the other hand, negative events tend to stay with us for much longer. Try to recall the last setback you experienced – how long did it take for you to bounce back?  Some of us have developed a resilience to negative events and setbacks, but for most of us it can seriously hamper our efforts towards happiness.

Everyday Happiness

Whilst we can use tools like hypnotherapy and coaching to increase our successes in life, we cannot rely on experiencing events like this all the time. The answer to lasting happiness is to build our ‘everyday happiness’. We need to develop our own outlook and mindset to make the most of what we have, and to experience happiness in our current lives.

You may have already heard about some of the usual things people try to foster happiness. Hobbies, healthy eating, exercise, practising mindfulness and fostering gratitude are all known to help. These do take effort though, and we can eventually become immune to their effects over time. The answer is to permanently change your mindset so that you are able to find happiness in what you already have.

Happiness almost becomes more elusive the more we pursue it. In our quest for something perfect, we often miss all the positive things on the way. Learn how to take pleasure in the small things and the ways in which your mind can often prevent this. When it comes to happiness, practice makes perfect. The more we foster a positive attitude and gratefulness, the more we’ll feel it in future.

Hypnotherapy for Happiness

Hypnotherapy can change the way you engage with your everyday existence, broaden your understanding of what makes you feel happy and help you connect positively with your everyday routines. Once developed, these tools provide an invaluable resource to call on in both the good and bad times ahead.

Together we can look at the things which hold you back from happiness. Perhaps you feel you don’t deserve to be happy because of low self-esteem. Maybe you are struggling with anxiety or depression. Or perhaps you’ve just become bogged down with worry and have lost perspective on life. Whatever the issue, it is often after dealing with these and pursuing a wider goal that happiness makes itself known.

The overriding benefit of hypnotherapy for happiness is being in control of your own mind. You can choose to be happy, rather than feeling like you are a slave to the trials of modern life or whims of your own mind. Create your own rules and rewards rather than relying on some outside influence to do this for you. Focus on the present, and understand your real self.

Further Help

If you’d like help with anything mentioned above please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I can offer a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss the best way to help you start living a happier life straight away.

Alix Needham

Alix Needham

My techniques guarantee that you remain in control at every session. These techniques, developed over 25 years, are so effective that many issues can be addressed in as little as three sessions and my location in the very heart of London means you can book sessions to work around work.

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