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How to Find the Best London Hypnotherapist for You

So, you’ve decided to try hypnotherapy and are keen to get off to the best start. But now what’s the next step? There’s many hypnotherapists practicing in London and all of them offer different things, so how do you know which is the right hypnotherapist for you?

Here’s a simple guide on a few things you might want to consider.

there are so many things to consider when choosing a london hypnotherapist

Experience Level

Everyone has to start somewhere but you may want to consider whether your hypnotherapist’s experience level is important to you. With experience comes depth and breadth of knowledge and a huge amount of real world examples to call upon. It might just be one of these that makes the difference to you. A more experienced practitioner may also be able to resolve your issues in less time and should have many satisfied clients and testimonials to demonstrate their efficacy.

On the other hand, if you are happy going with a less experienced therapist you will want to make sure that their prices reflect this difference.

About Alix: Alix has almost 30 years’ experience of professional practice and is hugely respected in her field.


It’s important that you feel comfortable with the therapist you choose. Different people look for different things in a counsellor or therapist. Take a look at their website and see how they describe themselves. See what previous clients say or, even better, have a chat with them yourself and see how you gel.

About Alix: Alix is honest, friendly and professional. You can trust her to help with a wide range of issues.


Most hypnotherapists, especially in London’s competitive market, may specialise in one area or another. Those who have been practicing for a long time will no doubt have built up a name for themselves in one or two key areas.

About Alix: Alix’s experience means she can help with a huge range of issues but she is especially experienced within the areas of relationships, confidence and shyness, public speaking, anxiety, motivation and stress.


There are different techniques used by hypnotherapists, coaches and counsellors. It is worth investigating which ones your potential therapist is experienced in. A good therapist can draw on many different techniques to create a bespoke treatment plan for each individual.

About Alix: Alix’s unique blend of advanced hypnotherapy draws upon hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, creative visualisations and life coaching. Read more here.

Location & Online

Take look at the prospective therapist’s office. Where is it? Is it in a location that suits you? Is it easy to get to? Do they offer online appointments if needed?

It’s also worth considering whether their surroundings gel with the level of service and expertise you are looking for? Do they seem professional? Respectable? A good therapist will surround themselves in a community of like minded, supporting professionals.

About Alix: Alix’s clinic is situated next to the beautiful Regent’s Park in central London. The perfect location for a lunch time commute and peaceful reflection before or after your session.


Is your prospective therapist a respected name in their industry? Have they been featured in any media or published anything? These are all good indicators of expertise and knowledge.

About Alix: Alix is the published author of the book ‘The Stress Management Kit’ and has been featured in a wide range of media publications.

Cost vs Value

London hypnotherapy is a competitive market and practitioners are free to set their own prices. When considering the cost of a hypnotherapy session you may want to consider the overall cost of the whole treatment plan. How many sessions does the therapist think you will need altogether? Cheaper sessions can seem better at first but if you’re having to have three times as many they don’t offer better value overall. Especially not if they don’t work.

No decent hypnotherapist will be able to provide you a complete guarantee or promise of results but an experienced one should be able to have a discussion about how many sessions they would expect to see results. If things change there should be ongoing discussion and progress checks. You should feel clear about the goals you are both working towards.

About Alix: Alix’s experience means she can help many patients in a few as three sessions. However, each person and situation is unique so it’s best to call for a free consultation to discuss further.

Client Testimonials

Can the hypnotherapist provide client testimonials on their website, on Google or upon request? Reading about previous clients’ positive experiences can help you feel more secure about your decision.

About Alix: Alix has a number of client testimonials and stories featured on her website.

Accreditation and Qualifications

There are no mandatory requirements for hypnotherapists to register with a professional body in the UK, however the good ones will usually register with at least one. These governing bodies set minimum requirements for things like evidence of training, professional liability insurance, the number of continuing professional development hours and supervision.

You may want to look at the therapists qualifications and what other skills they have which could be helpful. Some hypnotherapists are also couples’ therapists, coaches or counsellors for example.

About Alix: Alix is an accredited member of NCP, NCH and GHR as well as fully qualified teacher, counsellor, hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and couple and family therapist.

Free Consultation

Once you have a good idea about the London hypnotherapist you think might be a good fit it’s time to get in touch with them for a chat or an initial consultation to discuss your needs and how you might work together. they can answer any final questions you might have and help you reach your final decision.

At the end of the day there’s no right or wrong answer and no one ‘best London hypnotherapist’. It’s about trying to find the best hypnotherapist for you so go with your gut and if it’s not working out you can always reconsider.

Speak to Alix

If you’d like to speak to Alix about any of the topics mentioned above or if you’re ready to try a free initial consultation, then please do get in touch today.


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My techniques guarantee that you remain in control at every session. These techniques, developed over 25 years, are so effective that many issues can be addressed in as little as three sessions and my location in the very heart of London means you can book sessions to work around work.

there are so many things to consider when choosing a london hypnotherapist
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