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Life Coaching in London – Change Your Life & Be Happy

Could you be happier? Discover how Life Coaching in London with Alix Needham helps you achieve more and change your life for the better in only a few sessions.

Life Coaching is a two way, talking therapy. The partnership between you and myself as coach empowers us to explore a situation, challenge obstacles, and then set, meet and exceed even your most ambitious goals. The process focuses on guidance, empowerment and personal improvement. As a professional coach I provide a new perspective, the tools and support to enable you to become ‘unstuck’ and confident in your abilities. Once an action plan has been made and carried out, feedback can be discussed, results evaluated and lessons learnt for future success.

Life coaching feels positive, proactive, sometimes challenging and always goal orientated. As a life coach I can be your partner and guide, but the subject, pace and boundaries are set by you. It’s up to you what you want to work on and how far you want to go. You can challenge and reflect upon your own life, ideas and obstacles and feel empowered to move forward with positive actions. At every stage you are free to adjust goals, set new objectives and ask questions. You will feel inspired, motivated and supported throughout. 

Life Coaching empowers you to explore issues or obstacles in a safe, productive and positive way. It’s a two way process of ongoing support, feedback and accountability, where goals are set, action plans made and results evaluated. It is effective because the coach acts as a sounding board, an advisor and a guide to help us view things from new perspectives. Alone, it can be difficult to see past existing or limiting beliefs, but life coaching helps us set practical goals and achieve real results. In a few sessions you could achieve more than you ever felt possible before.

Life Coaching can be employed to achieve personal or professional goals. It’s effective with challenges of all sizes from the pursuit of a new job to simply feeling a bit stuck. Coaching can be used as part of a treatment plan for relationships issues, professional challenges, motivation, difficult decision making – almost anything where an outside perspective, new outlook and practical action plan is useful.

If you’d like to learn more about how Life Coaching might be part of your solution please do get in touch.

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