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Is your life lacking purpose?

Are you lacking a sense of purpose in life? It’s surprising how many of us reach adulthood without knowing what we want to achieve in life.

What is our purpose in life?

As we grow up, many demands are made on our time and resources. Unfortunately, these can overtake our original passions. A lack of purpose in life can lead to anxiety, disillusion and depression. Moreover, you can  struggle to find the motivation to try anything new.

What are the reasons you’re feeling lost or that your life lacks purpose? Perhaps you identify with some?


It’s actually quite rare for people to take charge of their lives, decide what they want to do, and go after it. Many of us drift into jobs depending on the opportunities that present themselves, what’s easiest and what provides well for us and our families. A few years down the line, we take stock and realise this isn’t where we planned or hoped to be.


Humans can be creatures of habit and we often find routine comforting. We work to make money and take care of our homes and families. Our busy schedules don’t always allow time for the pursuit of our passions. Finding a place in your life to explore your passions can be the first step towards finding your life’s purpose. I help many clients find ways to fit this into their busy schedule.

Small Cog, Big Machine

Even if we enjoy the daily tasks involved in our job, a sense of purpose can be hard to find. It’s often difficult to see the bigger picture or understand how your efforts contribute, when you’re a small part of a larger company.


In the beginnings of human society, our efforts would have had a clear and real effect on the group’s welfare. Hunting, gathering and building for the group’s survival. In today’s society we are able to survive alone and isolation often sets in. Many of my clients find a sense of purpose through meaningful relationships or helping others.

Risk Aversion

Our fight or flight response is still triggered by situations we perceive as dangerous. Taking a risk can be stressful, especially without help or support. Many of us avoid doing what we really want to because we are afraid or aren’t sure how to proceed.


How many of us take the time out to just think about ourselves, our needs and desires? We have so much on our mental plates day-to-day that it can be hard to have the time or space for anything else.


How many times have you started to think about that project you’ve wanted to do for a while but become distracted with other things – TV, your phone, online media? If we’re struggling to focus on one project we start to feel hopeless and disconnected.

False Expectations

It’s likely that we can all improve our lives in some way and find a deeper sense of purpose and well-being. This means different things for different people. The media today, especially social media, can give us a false perspective of the ‘perfect’ life and we often feel unable to measure up. Feeling so far off the mark, many of us just stop trying.

Life Coaching for Life Lacking Purpose

Life Coaching is becoming more and more popular, helping many people find new passionate pursuits and achieve their dreams.

It’s a simple, effective process that’s helped many people feel happier and more fulfilled.

I offer free initial consultations and face to face or online sessions.

If you’d like to learn more about life coaching and how it could help you rediscover your life’s purpose, please do get in touch.

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My techniques guarantee that you remain in control at every session. These techniques, developed over 25 years, are so effective that many issues can be addressed in as little as three sessions and my location in the very heart of London means you can book sessions to work around work.

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