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Motivation To Get More Out Of Your Life

Are you lacking motivation and want to get more out of your life?

If so ask yourself is life passing you by? Or feeling unfulfilled and unhappy but NOT doing anything about it? Moreover, are you fearful of making new choices ? Or pushing your self in new directions? Instead just continuing in the same old way ? And feeling disappointed with yourself ?

Furthermore are you looking back at all the missed chances you’ve had to do some amazing? And now regretting for those missed opportunities

Become more motivated by doing the following…….

  1. Getting involved in challenging experiences .These leading to improved self-esteem and confidence. Thus improving your relationship with yourself. Moreover doing something practical e.g taking up DIY, starting painting, or learning a musical instrument.
  2. Keeping attuned to your body and listening to its signals. Tired all the time? Perhaps needing to rest or to exercise more or be more active – Remember your body never lies.
  3. Reviewing your goals and your career direction. Thinking about different options that might suit you. Imagine your ideal future 1 year, 5 years and 10 years from now
  4. Creating space to daydream. Let what you love become clear to you. Then do more of what you love
  5. Giving money away – even a little donation opens up something special for you. And you will get in back in other ways
  6. Reading poetry and literature. Memorising a phrase or verse that has meaning for you.  This stimulates your mind and soothes your spirit.
  7. Seeking people who challenge your beliefs and your thinking . In this way not feeling stuck in a rut.
  8. Making lists of what you really want to do, have, give, and be. Understanding and getting to know your real self . Checking if this is the self that you present to the world. Create a new integrity.
  9. Following your vitality. Do activities that are energy efficient for you. In this way leaving you healthy and tired. But not depleted. Enjoy what you do.
  10.  In short taking responsibility for your life. As well as everything you do will bring a sense of empowerment.

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