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Phobia Treatment

Phobia therapy gives sufferers a new lease of life from irrational fears. Phobias and fears are one of the most common reasons that people seek the help of a professional hypnotherapist. Phobias are an irrational fear which can be almost about anything from the common phobias such as arachnophobia (fear of spiders), claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces) through to fear of public speaking.

Phobias usually stem from an unpleasant encounter which leaves a lasting impression on you. Fortunately, hypnotherapy has been shown in many clinical studies to be an extremely effective form of treatment, enabling you to conquer your fears and live life to the full.

If you are experiencing fears or phobia you know what a negative affect it can have on your life. The anxiety created can impact on your happiness and wellbeing and can be a never ending source of pain and suffering.

Do you have one of the following phobias?

  • Social phobia
  • Fear of flying
  • Animals e.g. snakes, spiders, insects etc.
  • Fear of Self Hygiene
  • Fear of Pain
  • Fear of Riding in a Car
  • Fear of Being Alone
  • Commitment phobia
  • Dental phobia
  • Enclosed / Open spaces
  • Heights

If your suffering from a phobia, London hypnotherapist Alix Needham can help in overcoming phobias.

The benefits of Phobia therapy

  • Freedom from old fears and anxieties
  • More motivated to engage in activities you previously put off
  • More confident and self assured
  • Feeling happier and more relaxed
  • Regain control of your life

Your Next Steps

Alix is an advanced hypnotherapist based in London specialising in curing phobias .She has developed a unique program especially for you, using hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT and has helped thousands of people overcome phobias in a very short period of time.

Read a case study about my phobia treatment 

Recent testimonial about my treatment of phobia’s

* I had been plagued with fear of almost everything for most of my life. Phobias about spiders, cleaning, you name it i had it. I sought help when it began to affect the way I lived my life and my children. Thankfully Alix was able to help and after only a few sessions I felt like a weight had been lifted.


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