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* Alix Needham’s Lifestyle Management programme will help you find the perspective in whatever you are trying to achieve and unlock any blocks you may have developing relationships.

* I seem to have achieved that elusive sense of balance I needed to make life better for all of us. It’s pretty amazing.

* Next day I was very calm and didn’t lose my temper. I’m really trying to be more in control.

* While Alix doesn’t claim to make people perfect, she has a bank of various techniques – including hypnotherapy and suggestion therapy – that will certainly pave the way for self improvement.

* The lifecoach’s advice was superb and I’m already putting it into practice, chatting on a lighter note with my female friend and also asking more directly about our future.

* I came out of the session more aware of my abilities, insecurities and what I needed to do to advance my career and life.

* I have found that deep breathing and visualisation helps, especially when I wake up and start worrying in the middle of the night. I realise that most problems are solvable – it just takes time to work them out.

* Needham’s role is to encourage people to break free of their “comfort zones” of habit, envisage what their life might be and then devise the means by which they might arrive at their desired state.

* I found myself almost involuntarily fighting my corner in a confident and determined way that, just a few days earlier, I wouldn’t have imagined possible.

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