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Hypnotherapy for presentation anxiety

Hypnotherapy for presentation anxiety. Help is at hand.

Picture this scenario……

An important work meeting is approaching and you have agreed to present some new ideas to your team. The thought of this generally makes you feel anxious, but you tell yourself you’re going to be fine. Nevertheless, as the meeting approaches, you start to wish you’d never agreed to do it. The mere idea of giving the presentation is bringing you out in a sweat and getting your heart racing. You are suffering from presentation anxiety.

This type of anxiety is increasingly common. Approximately, 1 in 10 people battle with presentation anxiety, which translates to approximately 6.3 million men and women who know how you feel. Even royalty are affected, with Prince Harry recently admitting that he feels very anxious when he’s required to speak in public.

Far from being just a slight hindrance, presentation nerves can have a profound negative impact on a person’s life and can cause young people to give up college, job-seekers to be unsuccessful at interviews and some people to even avoid job promotion for fear of speaking in front of a group

Typically, symptoms include heightened pulse rate, perspiring or hot flushes, stomach problems, inability to think clearly, stuttering and general feelings of uneasiness.


Presentation nerves are often triggered from early experiences of shame or humiliation within a social setting, which then develops into anxiety when required to speak in front of a number of people. Irrespective of whether you can remember them or not, these experiences are often imprinted on your unconscious mind and make up the beliefs you have about yourself, for example, a common thought may well be ‘If I speak in front of a group I’ll get tongue tied and say something stupid’.

Fortunately, hypnotherapy can change these deep-rooted limiting beliefs by getting to the root cause of the problem. By clearing the limiting beliefs of the past, the hypnotherapist can help you feel more confident in your life in general, not simply when presenting to a group. Usually,it takes just a few hypnotherapy sessions, before people notice a big difference in how they handle social events and speaking to a group

Hypnosis for presentation anxiety helps you feel more assured when taking part in seminars, networking events, wedding speeches, interviews in fact any situation when the main focus is on you speaking to a group.

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Presentation anxiety Hypnotherapy
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