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Anxious About Forming New Relationships

Are you struggling with new relationship anxiety? Or maybe suffering from social anxiety? Perhaps your low self-esteem  is preventing you from reaching out to people, causing you loneliness. As well as depression.

What’s causing this fear of new relationships?

In some cases, painful experiences from childhood might be making you anxious about dating. Or experiencing abusive relationships previously.   

New relationship anxiety

It’s common to experience some form of anxiety before forming a new relationship. But it’s unhealthy if this fear continues. In some cases, anxiety maybe sabotaging your ability to even begin a relationship. Due to the fact that you’re feeling unable to cope.

Recognising signs of relationship anxiety

Avoidance – Are you avoiding new possible partners? Meanwhile, making excuses if someone new approaches you. Finally, are you fearful of expressing your feelings, if a relationship takes off.

Controlling – Are you trying to control situations? So that you’re in charge?  Moreover, do you behave in a controlling way because of your own fear?

Clinging – Maybe you’re clinging to the same old routines? Only going to safe places because you’re frightened of meeting new people? Do you have a tendency towards jealousy or clingy behaviour?

Rejection – In the same way, are you a person who rejects potential partners for no reason. This could be your way of protecting yourself.

Anger/aggression – Whenever, you’re fearful in relationships do you become aggressive to mask your fear? Or get angry at potential partners, so as to push them away?

Further support for new relationship anxiety

What next? Expert help is available from hypnotherapist Alix Needham. Online hypnotherapy is the perfect way to deal with these issues.

Get in touch

After very few sessions, you will be feeling more at ease forming new relationships. If you’d like help with these issues please get in touch.

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My techniques guarantee that you remain in control at every session. These techniques, developed over 25 years, are so effective that many issues can be addressed in as little as three sessions and my location in the very heart of London means you can book sessions to work around work.

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