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Is Fear of Intimacy Impacting on your Relationships?

Do you have a fear of intimacy?

If so, help is at hand

Intimacy is a term usually applied to romantic relationships but it refers to being known and experiencing closeness. In addition, experiencing honesty, trust and vulnerability. Unfortunately, some people find this difficult and may even be described as having a fear of intimacy.

Intimate relationships are important to our happiness and wellbeing. They are important in reducing anxiety, depression and loneliness

What’s causing a fear of intimacy?

Causes of a fear of intimacy can include painful childhood experiences, previous abusive relationships and low self-image or confidence issues. Another potential cause is a fear of rejection.

Is your partner complaining about your lack of intimacy?  Is so, you may be sabotaging your relationship without being aware.

Signs of fearing intimacy

You hate sitting still

Are you keeping yourself busy, avoiding facing up to your weaknesses or loneliness?  Using excuses for not having time for people. Fearful they might be trying to get too close.

You’re known as being very positive

Positive people tend to be well liked. But it’s often a way of avoiding deeper connections. Humans tending to bond over weakness – sadness, struggles or problems – rather than strength.

People turning to you for help

Others may be asking for your help but rarely asking you about you. Being too helpful prevents others prying too deeply. You might be known as a people pleaser.

An ‘ideal’ partner 

Intimacy phobics are often creating a list of desirable qualities they want in a partner. So no one can live up to their expectations. Are you seeking out unavailable people? And in this way justifying your situation to yourself.

Overcoming Fear of Intimacy

Thinking you might have a fear of intimacy ? If so, support is available whatever the cause. Hypnotherapy can help improve your intimate relationships. As well as leading to greater happiness in your life.

Help for Intimacy Issues

To find out more, please do get in touch.

Would You Like A Complimentary Consultation?

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