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Signs Your Relationship is in Trouble

Do you see signs your relationship is in trouble?

What are the signs your relationship is in trouble? All relationships, have their ups and downs. By its very nature a relationship is an agreement to compromise. But it’s common for two people to disagree and have issues. When these persist, the dynamics of the relationship change. As a result, real problems start arising. So what are the warning signs that a relationship is in trouble?

1) Negativity

When couples argue it usually involves negativity, often about each other. This is perfectly normal. However, it becomes more of an issue when negativity overwhelms the positive side of your relationship. In other words, negative comments about attitude, habits or behaviour can become the norm. If so, then alarm bells should be ringing.

Remember, if the negativity feels extremely personal, one-sided or controlling, these could be signs of a destructive or abusive relationship.

2) Lacking trust

Are you checking your partner’s phone or quizzing them about where they have been? If so, there could be some trust issues at play. There may well be a reason for this insecurity. Sometimes they are due to previous relationships and a person develops relationship issues which need to be addressed. Other times there are elements of your partner’s behaviour which give you genuine cause for concern. The fact is that trust in any relationship is one of the principle elements and if it is lacking then the whole relationship suffers as well.

If a partner’s behaviour has caused trust issues – infidelity, lying or damaging habits for example – these need to be properly addresses and worked through in order for both parties to move on. A qualified relationship therapist can help with this.

3) Reduction in physical contact

Intimacy is a sign of a healthy relationship and it thereby stands to reason that lack of intimacy is a potential warning sign. Although it should be noted that there can be many reasons for one individual losing their libido, such as stress or illness. However, when there are no discernible reasons for the lack of interest, and if combined with other warning signs, then this factor should be taken into consideration.

4) Communication difficulties

One of the main problems with many relationships is a lack of communication. Although arguing in a form is communication, it does not represent the ideal scenario for communication within a loving relationship. If you find your partner is unwilling to discuss important matters concerning your relationship this may indicate a communication problem.

5) Separate interests

In conclusion, in healthy relationships individuals have their own separate interests. This is perfectly normal. However, if your partner suddenly develops an active interest in a separate form of activity, then this may be a problem. Especially if combined with any of the other worrying signs.  If you’re feeling that you’re having relationship problems and need help please do get in touch.

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