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How to Improve a Relationship Struggling Since Lockdown

There were many changes during the Covid lockdown that put a strain on our relationships. Now, some things have returned to normal many are finding their relationship feels different. At a loss, couples are seeking help to uncover why things have changed and how they can regain their lost connection. If you would like to know how to improve a relationship that’s been struggling since lockdown, read on.

relationship issues can lead to distance, familiarity and boredom

Break From Negativity 

Covid was a difficult time filled with upsetting and anxiety inducing news. We were surrounded by negativity, and things aren’t getting much better fast. So, we need to find a way to be positive even when times are difficult. Partners ideally support in terms of negativity but this can become exhausting. Finding positivity and happiness in each other’s company is key. It can definitely be harder for relationships to feel fun, carefree or spontaneous when life is particularly hard.

Try taking a break from the outside world and focusing on each other. For a while, pretend that there’s nothing else to worry about other than what you’ll have for dinner or which film to watch. Communicate with each other about the things you’re grateful for and focus on the positives of your life together. Similarly it’s easy to focus on the negative aspects of your partner and the things you want to change, but make sure you give equal attention to the positive.

Familiarity and Boredom

After spending such a lot of time under each other’s feet without access to our normal distractions and hobbies, many couples found the dynamics of their relationship changed. Most people need their own space and pursuits to give them perspective, release stress and even out their lives. This time alone made the time spent with our partners more special, but after being with someone 24/7 for so long many people found that the familiarity, stress and boredom took the spark out of their relationship. With many of us still working from home this is an ongoing problem. 

Try and separate the mundane necessities and frustrations of everyday life with your partner when enjoying some quality time together. On date night, try and stick to fun subjects. Reminisce about the past or plan some exciting things for the future,

Share Time & Experiences

One of the issues during Covid was that we found ourselves trapped in the same environment doing the same things every day. We had little new stimulation to spark conversations. Shared new experiences are fantastic for relationships. This is one of the issues many couples share when a new baby comes and they are unable to get out and spend time together as much as before. Romantic rituals like dates and holidays are sorely missed. It’s a general rule of happiness that experiences usually make us happier than objects. 

Overcome Exhaustion

Covid has taken it’s toll and things are still difficult. Whether it’s the health anxiety, financial strain or increased stress or working from home, physical and mental exhaustion can make us feel less inclined towards romance and sex. Discuss your feelings openly and prioritise self care. 

Simple touching serves to enhance a loving relationship. Make a concerted effort to re-establish closeness. Add small, loving physical gestures to each day.


The over-familiarity and routine bred during Covid meant we didn’t have that end of the day conversation so easily where we checked in with the other person and how their day went. It’s just as important to check in with the other person’s thoughts and feelings so try and keep communication alive.

If tensions are rising, effective communication is the best way to work out problems. Try using I statements rather than you statements, not placing blame on the other person and focusing on your feelings rather than their shortcomings. 

Seek Relationship Help

Suddenly being with each other 24/7, working from home, the stress of childcare and home schooling, the lack of opportunities for socialising with friends or going out on dates. All of these put pressure on romantic relationships.

Are you wondering how to improve your relationship? The key is learning new communication skills for bringing you closer together. Relationships suffer from a variety of issues such as family or work stress. However, for all concerned, a loving relationship is beneficial.

For more help visit my couples counselling page or contact me directly to learn more about how I can help.

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Relationship Therapy

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relationship issues can lead to distance, familiarity and boredom
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