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10 Ways to Improve Confidence

There are many ways to your improve confidence. By following this 10 step plan you will overcome your fears and develop the self belief to reach your potential.

Tips to Improve Confidence

Set Goals for yourself.  By setting achievable goals you will bring structure to your life. As well as improving your clarity and purpose. In addition by  stepping outside of your comfort zone your self confidence will grow.

Ask yourself “What is the worse that can happen?” Are you wasting energy worrying about a problem? If so decide if you can live with the worse scenario and then take some action. In this way by acting on the things you can control. Furthermore its makes it easier to accept the things you can’t control

Remember your Good Points.  Reminding yourself of all the positive things you have achieved in your life. Unfortunately things don’t always go your way but learn from mistakes and then move on. Plus listing your achievements each day thus reinforcing your confidence and self belief

Visualize. When feeling nervous about a new challenge using your imagination will make it easier. Close your eyes and imagine yourself succeeding at what you are about to do. In addition bringing all of your senses into this picture. By absorbing this image developing new energy and enthusiasm. In short try practicing this technique on a regular basis. Because the mind does not know the difference between something imagined and the real experience.

Just Do it.  Do you hold yourself back? Or feel scared of failure? Plus blaming yourself for missed opportunities.? If so get into the habit of focusing your mind and just doing it! Stop allowing yourself to become disheartened .And if you fail, just keep trying. You will eventually succeed.

Turn off the Negative Voice. Be aware of the old negative voice in your head that sabotages your efforts. Moreover making a decision that you are not going to be run by that negative self talk anymore. By valuing and respecting yourself, gradually this negative chatter will no longer have any power over you.

Choose Your Friends Wisely. Mixing with confident and positive people as negative people can drag you down. Also it helps observing how confident people behave. What are their values, attitudes, behaviour and beliefs that makes them so at ease with themselves. Accepting that you too can be like them. Confidence breeds confidence.

Life is Not Perfect. Make the most of your life where you are right now and accept that you are a work in progress . And accepting new challenges as a learning experience. In short don’t put off things until tomorrow. Be the best that you can be today

Use Positive Affirmations. These are statements you say to yourself to re-program your mind. Repeat “I believe in myself and I’m good enough ” 10 times when you wake up and last thing before you go to bed. You’ll be amazed at how this will change your attitude to life.

Get passionate about something in your life. Invest time in an activity you really enjoy like painting or learning to play an instrument. This will give you a sense of achievement and improve your self confidence. Keep focused on your project and try to surround yourself with positive like minded people.

Hypnotherapy to Improve Confidence

If you’d like help to improve your confidence hypnotherapy is a powerful tool which can yield fast results.

Get in touch today to learn more or book your free, no-obligation session. 

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