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Stop Being Self Critical

Lets face it we have all been there. Looking at ourselves with a critical eye, and picking out the numerous faults that we perceive we have. The reality is that nobody is perfect. However, whether due to a lack of self-belief or confidence, we let our internal critical dialogue consume us. Unfortunately many people go through life stuck in this cycle, bemoaning the fact that they do not have a certain skillset or personality trait that someone else. Unless they can stop being self critical, they miss out on all of the joy of all the positive things they could be focusing on.

So how do you overcome this self-critique and start to enjoy what you do have? Below are a few tips to get you started…

Allow yourself to be imperfect

Accept the fact that we are imperfect beings in an imperfect world and, as such, we should allow ourselves to accept that reality. Additionally, if you feel you are critical of yourself for lacking a certain trait, why not actively concentrate on learning how to achieve it. Often it’s easier than you think and support is available.

Focus your attention on your positive traits

One of the biggest challenges that most of us face is being able to focus on the numerous positive traits that we have. Self-sabotage is all too common and we often allow this self-critical part of our psyche to overpower the rational confident element. Identify and keep in mind the positives qualities you have, no matter what they are. By conscious changing your mind set to focus on your positives, you will feel more empowered.

Stop listening to your inner critical voice

Easier said than done, I grant you, but it is something that we all can aspire to and try our best to silence that voice. Your inner critical voice is your own worst enemy. It is that voice inside your head that fills you with self-doubt, and tells you that you are imperfect and unable to do certain things. But you can say STOP to it and turn down the volume. The truth is we can change our internal self talk and by doing so you can improve the quality of your life

Simply be the best you can be and accept that it is good enough

In life there are many barriers and problems that need to be overcome. Life is a rollercoaster of ups and downs, the key to a happy life, is to accept that you do have limitations, as does everyone. All you can do, is enjoy what you have and strive to be the best you can be, and be happy with that.

But how to do that, simply endeavour to live in the moment, and set yourself achievable goals towards a target that you want to reach. In terms of developing new skill sets or positive traits, it is possible to engender or retrain yourself using the services of a skilled hypnotherapist or why not learn self hypnosis and techniques such as NLP.

Therapy for Self-Confidence

Give me a call to discuss how you can stop being self critical and achieve more of what you want out of your life.

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