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Improve Your Self Image for a New Found Confidence

Many of my clients are looking for confidence building activities and tips that really work. They are sick of pretending or simply masking the problem. The following confidence tips can help you improve your self image and get you started on the journey.

What is Self Image?

Self image refers to the picture we have of our own selves – both our external and internal self. It refers to our own idea of how we fit into the world and how we interact with others. Self image is usually built up over time as a consequence of our lives and interactions. A positive self image can give us confidence in our own thoughts and abilities, whereas a negative self image can make us feel unsure of our own abilities, thoughts or feelings.

What Can Cause a Negative Self Image?

Low self image is often associated with other conditions – for example it can be a symptom or cause of depression. Often our self image is greatly influenced by our childhood interactions. If you are told negative things about yourself during this influential time they can have a huge effect on your future life. Sometimes we do not even realise how strong their influence has been on us until we explore our subconscious.

Other times, romantic, platonic or professional relationships can play a part in forming our self image. During our lives we are continually taking in information, evaluating ourselves and changing course. We form our self image as a result of this external information filtered through our own system of judgements and believes. If this filter is skewed, it may need resetting so that we can form a more accurate self image aligned more closely with reality.

Self Image Vs Self Esteem

What is the difference between self image and self esteem? Whilst self image focuses on how we see ourselves, self esteem is predominantly about how we feel about ourselves. Of course, they have a big impact on each other. Self esteem focuses on how much respect we have for ourselves. Do we feel good or bad about being us?

Distorted Self Image

Having a distorted self image means that you have a view of yourself that it is not based in reality. The way you view yourself can be drastically different from how other people view you. This can involve both physical and internal factors. Many of my clients hold a distorted self image that is much more negative than reality. This can affect the way they behave, their thoughts and their self confidence.

Distorted self image is often linked to BDD (body dysmorphic disorder) and eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

Improve Your Self Image

You can build your self confidence by improving your self- image. Giving yourself a confidence boost can help to speed you on your way to reaching your goals. Here are some ideas to get started with.

  • Practise your skills, Be aware of the weakness in your skills. E.g do you work on a computer but cannot use the latest software that would make your job easier? If so, you could be making yourself feel inadequate or incompetent.


  • Once you have recognised your weak points, set about trying to improve them. This will boost your overall confidence.


  • Spend some time writing down your weak spots and make a clear plan of action to improve them. Do not expect everything to improve at once – allow a realistic timescale for your skill to improve and measure your progress.


  • If time is of the essence, then work first on those skills that will help you achieve your goals and let go of the less important items.


  • Take a good look at yourself. Are you happy with what you see? Are you presenting an image, both to yourself and to others, that says, “I am confident and happy about who and what I am?”


  • If not, check out your wardrobe and throw out the clothes that do not fit with that confident image. What about your hairstyle? Are your skin and nails in good condition? Looking good can help you to feel good and so avoid self-doubt.


  • Think about your posture. Do you slouch or walk tall? If you have a tendency to walk along looking at your feet, try walking with your head up with your eye aiming at the rooftops. This may seem silly, but psychologists have found that it is much harder for you to experience negative feeling when you look upwards.


What Next?

Many people take the above steps and do start to feel better. But, sometimes there is something else holding them back. Sometimes, no matter how many positive changes they make, they see themselves in a negative light. This is where hypnotherapy can help.

Hypnotherapy for Self Image

Hypnotherapy can build you up from within. Address the root causes of your poor self image image and gives you a new, positive view. You won’t have to pretend, fake it or just get by anymore as you will truly feel like a new you.


Would You Like A Complimentary Consultation?

Now could be the perfect time to see if online hypnotherapy can provide you with a much needed boost.
If you’re not sure, why not try an initial complimentary 15 minute session? [/vc_column_text]


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My techniques guarantee that you remain in control at every session. These techniques, developed over 25 years, are so effective that many issues can be addressed in as little as three sessions and my location in the very heart of London means you can book sessions to work around work.

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