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How to Increase Charisma

What is Charisma?

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to have the ability to captivate almost everyone? What about that person who also seems to be the centre of attention, or the person who everybody seems to want to be around or emulate? If a person inspires confidence, communicates effectively and is popular, it’s likely that they have highly developed charisma. Whilst this seems to come naturally to some people, it is something we can all achieve. Read on for ideas on how to increase charisma.

What are the Benefits of Charisma?

Charisma can open many doors in life, both professionally and personally. It helps us to communicate, persuade and to connect with other people and is a hugely valuable skill.

Tips for Developing Charisma


Confidence isn’t the same thing as charisma but often one can lead to the other. If you’re confident you are more likely to instil faith in others and put them at ease in your company. If you’re lacking a little confidence don’t forget that your manner, dress and speech can go a long way to make you appear more confident. Alternatively, hypnotherapy for confidence building is an effective treatment with proven results.


Generally people are more inspired by positive comments and actions rather than negative ones. Try to focus on things you love and which motivate you rather than negativity.

Body Language

Your body language is an outward sign of your inner thoughts. Charismatic people tend to keep a good posture, make positive open gestures, walk with purpose and smile.

Be present

People warm to those who are present and interact with them in the moment. When talking to someone, give them your full attention.


Charismatic people connect genuinely with other people. They make people feel special and capture their interest. Create rapport, maintain eye contact and show genuine interest in other people.

Emotional Intelligence

Genuinely charismatic people tend to be in touch with their emotions but able to control them if the situation demands it. They are also very aware of other people’s emotions and can read behaviour well. Be honest with people but not too frank.


We aren’t all comedians but an appreciation an openness to humour goes a long way in building charisma. Laugh at jokes, appreciate different types of humour and, most importantly, laugh at yourself.

Hypnotherapy for Charisma

Although these tips are useful when starting to think about how to increase charisma, it can be counterproductive to “fake” it. If the task seems too daunting to tackle alone a qualified hypnotherapist can help you find your way. In fact, hypnotherapy has proven to be one of the most rewarding and powerful ways to cultivate greater charisma.

Through hypnotherapy you’ll be guided as you increase your awareness of your behaviour and explore thoughts or barriers to improvement. The realisation that charisma is a skill that can be learned and developed has led to an explosion of self-hypnosis tools and books but nothing compares to the effectiveness and benefits you’ll experience with a fully qualified, hypnotherapist at your side.

Contact me today to learn more about how to increase charisma or to book a free consultation.

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how to increase charisma
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