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How to Make a Difficult Decision

Are you looking for advice on how to make a difficult decision?

There are moments in every ones life when decisions need to be made that are life changing and impact dramatically on our future. These difficult decisions are often made with little recourse. However, by following a few simple steps, it is possible to minimize the risks. Below are a few pointers to help you on your way…

The importance of decision making

The key to any difficult decision is to ensure that you understand the reasons for making the decision and subsequent ramifications. Often people fail to realize the potential chain of events that can occur from one decision that takes events in a totally different direction from the one you would expect. Try, as best you can, to consider all the options and be prepared to accept the consequences of your decision.

Use your intuition as a guide

Many of us have an intuitive feeling when it comes to a life changing decision, situation or circumstance. Often these feelings stem from our own thoughts and experiences that have been built up over time and can be surprisingly accurate. Sometimes it is better to simply go with your gut feeling.

If you are still unsure, why not try the age old method of writing down the pros and cons of the potential decision. By writing down either in list format of using something like a mind map, you can identify the potential problems with a particular decision and the likely outcomes.

Ask others for advice

When making life-changing decisions, it makes sense to ask advice and guidance from those who may well have made a similar choice in the past. An authority figure, friend or family member who can provide sound advice, can provide useful knowledge and a different perspective. This can often enlighten the situation and help you make the difficult decision.

Review past decisions

If a decision needs to be made that is similar in some aspects to a past decision, sometimes this can help you decide. Also, review how you made important decisions in the past and how they have panned out. This can give you an indication as to how your decision making process works.

Once you make a difficult decision carry it out

As simple as this may sound, many will procrastinate rather than carry out their decision. This is usually due to lack of confidence in their decision making process and the decision made.

Be versatile and flexible

Probably the most important element of making a difficult decision is the ability to adapt to the situation. Most situations are fluid, constantly changing and evolving, so being adaptable and versatile yourself, will help you achieve the desired outcome of your decision.

Life Coaching for Decision Making

If you need help, then give me a call. As a life coach I am able to help you with all aspects of your life, whether its improving your work/life balance, social aspects of your life or how to make difficult decisions.

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