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Sleep Disorders

Are you suffering from sleep disorders? If so, help is at hand. Sleep is one of the most important, and often underrated, elements of our daily lives. It provides the opportunity for the body to repair itself and allows the mind to deal with any issues. If you are sleeping poorly it can leave you feeling irritable and under par, causing headaches, sluggishness and depression. Persistent lack of sleep can impact negatively on your work and relationships.

For many people, insomnia and sleep deprivation can be caused by stress and anxiety or unresolved emotional issues of the past. If left untreated, sleep problems can cause serious health issues.

Do you need sleep therapy?

Do you…

  • constantly have difficulty getting to sleep?
  • wake up in the middle of the night worrying about things?
  • feel anxious during the day that you might not sleep at night?
  • wake up worrying about the past or fearful about the future?
  • use medication/alcohol on a regular basis to get to sleep?
  • wake up in the morning feeling that you have hardly slept?
  • feel like your poor sleep pattern is spoiling your life?
  • suffer from persistent nightmares?

Then sleep therapy for insomnia can help. London based Advanced Hypnotherapist Alix Needham will help you improve your sleep.

The benefits of hypnotherapy for sleep problems will be:

  • Enjoying a restful night’s sleep
  • Feeling better able to cope with life
  • Increased clarity and thought processing
  • Learning new ways of managing stress and anxiety
  • Increasing levels of positive energy and enthusiasm
  • Waking up each day feeling better able to cope with life

Your Next Steps

Alix is an expert in helping people with sleep disorders. She is based in London and has helped thousands of people enjoy healthy sleep patterns using a unique blend of hypnosis, NLP and EFT  techniques. Hypnotherapy with Alix will resolve your sleep problems in a very short period of time and the effects of the treatment are permanent.

Case study about sleep problems

Testimonial about my hypnotherapy for sleep problems

* Cannot say enough good things about Alix. I have had bouts of insomnia for several years, yet after only a few sessions with Alix, I now sleep very well and wake up feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Jackie Worthing

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