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Soho Hypnotherapist

Soho Hypnotherapy


Welcome to my website

My name is Alix Needham an advanced hypnotherapist providing Hypnotherapy in Soho .With more than 25 years of experience I’ve helped thousands of people like you overcome problems. As well achieving happier and successful lives. In addition I am also an active member of the NCH (National Council of Hypnotherapy) so you’re in safe hands.

You can call me on 020 7935 1965 or simply email me at: for a consultation

How does Hypnosis help?

In short hypnosis is the basis of hypnotherapy. It is the tool used to enable the therapist to understand the potential cause of your problems and effect a solution Moreover it’s a safe natural form of therapy.As well as being effective in treating a huge array of conditions, without any side effects.

Is hypnotherapy right for me?

Are you unsure about hypnotherapy ? If so be reassured that success in hypnotherapy comes from using my expertise for bringing about changes in your thinking and behaviour. In addition by locating the root cause of your problem and using tried and tested techniques to help you to change for the better.

Hypnotherapy helping with:

  • Alcohol & smoking addiction
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Self confidence issues
  • Blushing and depression
  • Sleep, motivation & procrastination
  • Fears & relationship problems

How long will it take?

Worried about the time commitment? Don’t worry as hypnotherapy provides a quick effective treatment .Some problems such as phobias and smoking taking only one session. Using my advanced knowledge and experience most problems can be resolved in just three consultations. My hypnotherapy treatments brings about long lasting improvements.Living or working in Soho and need help ? Please get in touch.

Specialist hypnotherapy treatments


Anxiety is used to describe emotions such as fear , worry,  nervousness and stress.


Everyone experiences sadness and low moods when painful events happen in life.


How is it that some people are able to establish happy healthy relationships and others are not?


Smoking has become an anti social habit

I offer consultations between 9 am – 6 pm during the week and on Saturdays 9.30 am -2.00pm

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