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Stop Blushing

Blushing is a natural and involuntary visual response to fear and is related to emotions such as anger, ridicule, shame or embarrassment. Many people want to learn to control or stop blushing because the effects can have a devastating impact on your life, holding you back from being the confident person you want to be.

Blushing is often caused by painful events in the past such as being caught out doing something in public which made you feel acutely embarrassed. Feelings of shame create a powerful negative memory which remains fixed in your unconscious.   Certain situations reactivate that old memory leading to self consciousness, blushing, anxiety and fear.

Hypnotherapy is the most effective treatment to stop blushing problems. Hypnosis for blushing works by identifying the root cause of why you go red and changing old negative beliefs and physiological responses, so blushing disappears. Blushing can be prevented and cured using London based hypnotherapy treatment.

Are you experiencing any of these blushing symptoms:

  • Do you avoid being centre of attention in case you blush?
  • Do you worry about going red when you speak out in a group?
  • Have you ever said no to a social occasion, for fear of blushing?
  • Do you blush if you are caught off guard?
  • Are you fearful that someone will comment on your blushing

The solution is Hypnotherapy for blushing London hypnotherapist, Alix Needham.

The benefits of stop blushing hypnosis will be

  • Feeling confident to express your emotions freely
  • Releasing repressed emotions, such as anger or sadness
  • Overcoming your fears and having the courage to be you
  • Feeling safe and secure at the deepest level
  • Remaining cool, calm and in control in all situations

Your Next Steps

Alix is an advanced hypnotherapist and life coach with over 25 years experience in helping people stop blushing problems. Using her unique blend of hypnotherapy NLP and EFT, she has helped thousands of clients stop blushing. In the majority of cases only a few sessions are required to bring about a permanent cure to your blushing problems.

Read a case study about treatment for Blushing

A Testimonial

* I had a blushing problem for years, and decided after a relationship broke up, to do something about it. I contacted Alix and within only a few sessions, I felt so much better and the blushing was under control.


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