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Stoptober Help

What is Stoptober? Stoptober takes place during the month of October and is a nationwide campaign encouraging people to quit smoking. It's helpful as it can give people extra support and many people find challenges easier when faced alongside other…

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stoptober help hypnotherapy

How to Cut Down on Alcohol

There are many good reasons to cut down on alcohol. Many people are seeking help with this problem, which affects millions of people. Drinking problems usually start with the odd social drink. But as time progresses, alcohol is used as…

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how to cut down on alcohol

Is My Drinking A Problem?

  Drinking problems are common in today's society. Are you looking for drinking problem help? Many people are asking me questions such as my drinking a problem? Am I an alcoholic or not? However, the spectrum of drinking behaviour…

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is my drinking a problem?

Signs of Relationship Addiction

What are the Signs of Relationship Addiction? A relationship addict is someone who is addicted to being in a relationship and struggles to function or feel complete without one. These people have probably had multiple relationships and messy breakups. They…

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