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How to Overcome Perfectionism

What's Your Biggest Weakness? It's the classic answer to that difficult interview question...'what's your biggest weakness?'. Many people answer this way because they secretly see perfectionism as a strength, or at least as a less severe weakness. However, the truth…

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overcome perfectionism with hypnotherapy

How To Become An Optimist

Do you want to become an optimist? An optimistic personality is thought to have a wide-ranging positive effect on wellbeing. In fact, research showing that optimists are less likely to suffer from stress, anxiety or depression. But are we born…

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how to become an optimist

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Comparing yourself to others has become a huge problem in todays society. Social media and magazines, plus our preoccupation with perfection and accomplishment, mean it’s never been easier to compare yourself to others , As a result feeling you’re lacking…

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