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Confident Communication

Many people are looking for ways of developing confident communication. Whether it's because of nerves, insecurity or other strong emotions, communication can often be strained. We are desperate to communicate our point of view, but the emotions run over and…

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confident communication is loud, exciting and effective

How to Overcome Perfectionism

What's Your Biggest Weakness? It's the classic answer to that difficult interview question...'what's your biggest weakness?'. Many people answer this way because they secretly see perfectionism as a strength, or at least as a less severe weakness. However, the truth…

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overcome perfectionism with hypnotherapy

Depression Treatment in London

Are you looking for depression treatment in London? If so, there is a successful treatment available from Hypnotherapist Alix Needham. Seeking Depression Treatment However, taking positive steps when you’re depressed can be hard. In fact, you may be finding it…

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treating depression naturally without medication from depression treatment in london
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