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* I have suffered from social anxiety disorder after I have been bullied at work(well this is what triggered my problems and made them really bad for me). I went in such a stage that I wasn`t able to function at all,I was afraid to stand up in ques, afraid to talk with people, afraid to go for an haircut, to travel by tube…I was just paralised and I thought there is no solution for me. I couldn`t go to therapy as I was afraid of everything…and this just because I was very very stressed at work and in my life in general. Anyways one day I have made courage and went to see this lady hypnotherapist and after 5 sessions I am now able to do all those stuff. I remember I was desperate in finding solutions and didn`t see anything to help me. I thought that this is it for me…I avoided pills which are not the solution in my opinion and didn`t want to go to psychotherapy as they will use behavioral one and din`t believe much in it. I still have some issues to solve, but I am so thankful that now I am normal again, I would tell everyone who suffers from social anxiety disorder, anxiety, low self esteem to come and see Alix Needham she is very good, very nice and that it is a way to solve your problems. I can tell you for sure.
Thank you so much!!!!!

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