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* Just to say thank you again for seeing me. To be honest I’m still lost for words. Wednesday morning was one of the first that I’ve not woken with sheer panic and fear for the coming day. I am truly thankful for the influence you have already had on my day to day life.



* Working with Alix has been life changing. I had put up with a shy bladder for over seven years and the day after returning from another work trip where it had caused me great discomfort and anxiety I decided to give hypnotherapy a try. By tackling the root cause of the issue I was able to not only overcome my complaint but also become more confident in my approach to life and work in general. Thank you Alix, in such a short space of time you have made a world of difference!

* I had a bout of anxiety which simply wouldn’t go away, so i asked Alix to help. I cannot believe the difference she has made in only a few sessions. Highly recommended.

* I approached Alix after suffering Anxiety, a feeling which left me scared and confused. Alix’s sessions really helped and I managed to get my anxiety under control, which I think I would have struggled to do without Alix’s help. Thanks xxx

* I read about Alix on line and asked her to help my daughter, which she did. It made such a difference and we are so grateful. Thanks Alix.

* I met with Alix when I was at the end of my tether; experiencing daily and nighttime multiple panic attacks often culminating in being physically sick. Alix helped me get on top of the physical symptoms and address the underlying issues. She is easygoing, pragmatic and empowering. If you are struggling with panic attacks and are unsure if this is the answer I strongly recommend you give it a go.

* Before meeting with Alix I felt so trapped by my own mind. And if I’m honest, was doubtful that anything – even hypnotherapy – would be able to break the cycle of negative thought that I found myself in. I cannot believe the change in my life, and mind, since coming to see her.

I now feel that I’m in control of my mind, and I recognize anxiety as a natural emotion that we all have. I suffer infinitely less now, and even when I do feel anxious, it certainly doesn’t paralyse me anymore.

The result has been that I’ve felt a new confidence in all areas of my life – personal and professional – and have been able to make strides forward without feeling that my own mind is holding me back. For that I really cannot thank Alix enough.

* Alix really helped me with my anxiety and confidence issues. I feel after my sessions with her I am capable of dealing with what life throws at me on a daily basis and not feeling so scared of the future. I was suffering from digestive problems and these have also subsided greatly as I’ve conquered my anxiety.

* Following a change in my personal circumstances, I suffered anxiety during which time I felt physically paralysed to do anything with all the negativity that I felt. In the weeks following my meeting with Alix, there has been such a contrast, I can hardly believe the difference. I’ve been able to take control of the negative situation and turned it into something positive for me. There is no doubt in my mind, this shift has been entirely down to Alix’s help.

* I have suffered from social anxiety disorder after I have been bullied at work(well this is what triggered my problems and made them really bad for me). I went in such a stage that I wasn`t able to function at all,I was afraid to stand up in ques, afraid to talk with people, afraid to go for an haircut, to travel by tube…I was just paralised and I thought there is no solution for me. I couldn`t go to therapy as I was afraid of everything…and this just because I was very very stressed at work and in my life in general. Anyways one day I have made courage and went to see this lady hypnotherapist and after 5 sessions I am now able to do all those stuff. I remember I was desperate in finding solutions and didn`t see anything to help me. I thought that this is it for me…I avoided pills which are not the solution in my opinion and didn`t want to go to psychotherapy as they will use behavioral one and din`t believe much in it. I still have some issues to solve, but I am so thankful that now I am normal again, I would tell everyone who suffers from social anxiety disorder, anxiety, low self esteem to come and see Alix Needham she is very good, very nice and that it is a way to solve your problems. I can tell you for sure.
Thank you so much!!!!!

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