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* For my degree I’ve had to give various presentations and I was finding this extremely difficult. My mum found Alix and I’ve had a course of three sessions with her in the past two weeks. Alix is absolutely lovely, really friendly and welcoming and I felt relaxed around her very quickly. I’ve now managed to give a presentation and the anxiety was so much less than it was before and I can’t thank her enough for helping with someone that before crippled me!

* I had a blushing problem for years, and decided after a relationship broke up, to do something about it. I contacted Alix and within only 3 sessions,I felt so much better and the blushing was under control.

* I have suffered from blushing right though school and college, I have also always been quite shy. When I started a new job that meant I would need to give presentations for my company , a friend of mine recommended I should go and see Alix. I felt comfortable right from the start. Her office is calm, clear and very relaxing. After my first session I felt energised and confident. After working with Alix for a few weeks, I hosted a conference for my new employer,and a couple of months later, was offered a promotion , partly based on the fact that that there was very positive feedback from the CEO who attended the conference I hosted ! She has made an enormously positive effect on my life. Thank you Alix !

* I only recently learned that I had a problem with blushing when it was pointed out to me by someone else. I then became aware of it and it started to creep in to my everyday life; for example dealing with people at work and in some social situations. As a result I became very anxious in these situations. I went to see Alix and we got to the root of the problem; something I would never have even considered to have been the cause of how I acted in this way. Over the 3 sessions my confidence was improved and I no longer felt as much anxiety in those situations as before.

* As an actress my blushing was really affecting my confidence in auditions. Alix helped me in a just 3 sessions to get over this issue and to grow enormously in confidence! I am so grateful for what she has done for me! It really is life changing and I saw a change immediately in how I felt. Highly recommended!

* I visited Alix recently for help with blushing and must say her services were second to none
Before discovering Alix, I was immersed in my problem on a daily basis; however after our 5th and final session, and unvealing and resolving far more than my initial problem, I felt very energised, extremely positive, and felt “free”.
I find Alix to be extremely professional, and she shows genuine interest and determination to ensure you overcome your problem.
I was very pleased with the results of my therapy with Alix and would definitely recommend her services in the future.

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