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* My relationship with my wife was getting to the point where we hardly spoke, which made the whole atmosphere in the house awful. For the kids sake we decided it was best to separate, but after 17 years, it was tough. Alix helped me get through the really tough times and I will be eternally grateful to her for her wise guidance.

* I went to see Alix when my marriage of 25 years broke down .
She helped me to deal with my overwhelming feelings of anger, loss, betrayal and my own feelings of failure.
Through her help and guidance I was able to turn my life around in a quite surprisingly short time.
Alix has helped me develop the confidence to go out on dates and although this was very difficult at first.
I have now met someone so very special and we are both enjoying fulfillment, joy and laughter that would have been unimaginable in my long marriage that was so unsatisfactory. Thank you Alix in helping me make changes and given me the confidence to start again and reach the stars.

* Went through a rather acrimonious and messy divorce which left me in tatters. Sought professional help in the form of Alix, who really helped me when i needed it most.

* I contacted Alix on suggestion of a colleague who had benefitted enormously with her own situation. I had been in a very long marriage that over more than 20 years had gone downhill as we no longer shared similar life aspirations. Our situation was made worse as my husband suffered from depression and lack of confidence. In a few sessions with Alix I was able to move forward from this dark and heavy past. Now I live a full and rich life, sharing times with the perfect partner.

* A few years ago my parents divorced because they didn’t love each other any more . I felt very upset and frustrated with them . This is where Alix helped me when i was feeling down ,she brought me over the struggles in my life Thank you Alix

* Thank you for fitting me in and seeing me on Saturdays!
Your help in the early days of the divorce was critical in getting me into “Survival Mode”.
As time went on your help was essential in getting me to where I am now – a much better, clearer place.

* I have came to Alix after very painful divorce from during which I have lost my home, savings and developed some health problems. I felt really disappointed with myself for not taking care of myself as the warning signs were there for a long time.I felt complete failure, also outside I presented as happy and no care in the world girl.

Alix helped me to work through all those issues including some childhood problems, I grew up with a dad, who had substance misuse issue. Alex also helped me to walk away from a new difficult relationship…

Well I still have days when I struggle, but Alix’s guidance, professionalism and nurturing attitude has helped me to become more grounded, positive, integrated and confident person.

Alix, thanks for all you fantastic work and support!

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